Our Students

Johanna Adolph, Bellevue College Graduate (2017)

Photograph of Bellevue College Graduate Johanna Adolph

History major, Theater and Classics minor at George Washington University

“History classes at Bellevue College prepared me to transfer to a four-year university more than any of the other classes I took. Even though the history professors might considered “tough” by BC standards, their expectations of me and the work I put forth was closer to what I have experienced in my classes at George Washington University. People think that history is just memorizing facts and dates, but it is so much more than that. The modern way of looking at history has you analyzing the “why” factor; examining the circumstances surrounding world events, a view emphasized by the professors at Bellevue College. Projects, papers, and class discussions really helped me understand history better, not only concerning the events we were studying, but the subject as a whole. I wish I could have taken more history classes before I left!”

Rebecca Andrei, Bellevue College Graduate (2017)

Photograph of student Rebecca Andrei

Transferred to Texas Woman’s University’s nursing program; Intends to become a critical care nurse

“History class at B.C was a great experience, I ended up taking another history course with the same teacher because I enjoyed it so much. I love how flexible the professors are–they encouraged me to apply this course to my career path! In particular, I remember how the professor encouraged me to write about a historical topic that I was passionate about and that related to the class. I ended up writing a paper on civil war nursing, and this inspired me to specialize in critical care as a nurse! I also like how interactive our history class was. We broke off into small groups and got to talk about certain topics. Being in a small group made it easier to connect and get to know other students. I highly recommend taking a history class at B.C –it’s a blessing!”

David McGoorty, Bellevue College Graduate (2018)

Photo of Bellevue College Student David McGoorty

“History Courses at BC are intriguing because they not only bring important people, places, and events in the past alive, but challenge students to think about why the events unfolded as they did, and how all the events affect us today. Besides all the fascinating and culturally rich historical information presented by the engaging professors in the history department at BC,  students also learn how to effectively research and accurately cite sources, which is beneficial in all subject areas in college. History courses at BC challenged me to think and grow not only scholastically, but I was able to apply the information and research skills learned in class to other subjects as well. After taking several history courses, I was inspired to study an Independent History course of my choice that allowed me to build upon what I learned and grow not only as a student but as a person.”

Photo of student Ali Majd

Ali Majd, Current Bellevue College Student

“One of the first classes I took at Bellevue college was History 148, or 20th Century history. I took the class as a prerequisite for my Associates degree and high school diploma because I was a running start student. One of my best friends and I decided to take the class together and at first we were very intimidated by the papers we had to write, the books we had to read, and by the multitude of notes we had to take on a daily basis. But within a couple of weeks we had become so adept at utilizing evidence properly in paper assignments, taking notes in an efficient manner, and we began to adapt to new and difficult challenges presented to us. Now, as I move forward to a career in medicine and tackle classes such as math and biology, I fondly carry these history lessons with me in preparation for what is ahead. History is what helps us honor those before us who have accomplished so much in so many ways, to look at the present and appreciate the cost of what so many gave so that we could have so much. It informs us how to carry on as we move forward into the vast unknown of the future. One thing is certain, one day we will all be history, thank you for teaching me this important lesson.”

Maia Nguyen, Bellevue College Graduate (2016)

Photograph of student Maia Nguyen

Graduating from University of Washington in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry ; Transferring to Penn State for a Master’s degree in Forensic Chemistry

“History class at B.C. was a fundamental building block in my education and helped me prepare to transfer to UW-Seattle.  It taught me important and interesting information about U.S. history that every student should learn.  Although I am a science major, history class was one of the most engaging courses that I took at B.C.  I still remember writing a book critique essay for this course and being fascinated by robber barons such as Jay Gould.  It helped me develop my writing skills by giving me an exciting topic to research, as well as improve my research and editorial skills.  This course was truly a joy to attend every day, and I am grateful for the lessons it taught me about the history of the U.S.”

Shahroz Tariq, Bellevue College Graduate (2017)

Photograph of Student Shahroz Tariq

Graduating from University of Washington in 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

“I was 15 years’ old when I first took U.S. History back in Autumn quarter of 2015. Not only was the history class my first ever class in a college environment, it is distinguishably one of my most memorable learning experiences. Through the class, I was able to find my lifelong friends as well as learn skills that went on to benefit me incredibly academically. The friends I made in the class have gone on to become my biggest supporters and motivators as we have grown up together over the last few years and moved our academic journey to the University of Washington. My professor taught me how to utilize my time effectively while studying, how to drastically improve my writing skills, as well as how to adapt to the rigor of a course. She has also easily become one of my biggest academic motivator and confider and I am forever in gratitude.”

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