What is an Internship?

At Bellevue College, an internship is:

“A structured and supervised professional experience, within an approved agency, for which a student earns academic credit. It is guided by learning goals and supervised by both academic and agency personnel.”
– Inkster & Ross

Girl at ComputerAn internship is like a temporary job that offers a training and supervision. Other words used to describe this experience are: co-op, on-the-job-training, or apprenticeship. Since different terms are used, just keep in mind that at Bellevue College, an internship is a work experience that offers guidance and supervision by a trained professional.

The specific details of the internship will vary according to your needs. It can be paid or unpaid, part-time or full-time, one month or one year (although they should usually be a minimum 100 hours). They can begin and end at anytime during the year.

What can an intern do for you?

Interns can provide enthusiastic, willing assistance to your business or non-profit. They can bring new life into your organization in the form of fresh ideas and the latest trends in technology. Interns can also increase your visibility and reputation on the Bellevue College campus. Sponsoring an intern is a great way to give back to your community, evaluate a potential employee, and gain assistance with special projects.

What can you do for an intern?

Our students and alumni are seeking quality, supervised, pre-professional experiences that will prepare them for work in their chosen field. There are a number of reasons why someone might like to do an internship, such as to:

  • Gain real-world experience
  • Build their resume
  • Apply their classroom knowledge
  • Explore a career
  • Begin professional networking
  • Gain entry into a full-time job
  • Get college credit for a learning experience
  • Explore transitions from one line of work to another

Last Updated August 10, 2015