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The RISE Learning Institute, a part of the Connected Learning Division, works across Bellevue College and with the surrounding community to provide opportunities for students to learn through experiences, with the goal of helping them identity, articulate, build, and apply strengths. RISE builds cross campus collaborations, innovative programs, and community connections to provide transformative learning experiences for students. By fostering Research, Innovation, Service, and Experiential Learning (RISE), the RISE Institute helps students develop skills that can help them succeed during and after their time at Bellevue College.

RISE for Faculty

RISE supports and celebrates Bellevue College’s faculty by enhancing their teaching methods and fostering creativity, innovation, and experiential learning for their students

  • Faculty Development Workshops
  • BUGR Group (Bellevue UnderGraduate Research Group)
  • Support for Course-Based Research Experiences
  • Experiential Teaching Support
  • Collaborative Opportunities
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RISE for Students

Students attending the pumpkin event

RISE empowers students at Bellevue College with hands-on learning experiences, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and real-world problem-solving skills.

  • Center for Career Connections
  • Neurodiversity Navigators
  • STEM to Stern
  • Academic Internship Program
  • RISE MakerSpace
  • Community-Engaged & Civic Education

RISE for Community

Bellevue College students speaking on a panel during Voices United event

RISE strengthens Bellevue College’s ties with the community, offering partnerships, research collaborations, and experiential learning opportunities that benefit both students and the broader region.

  • Community Engagement
  • Research Collaboration
  • Innovative Partnerships
  • Service Learning
  • Experiential Learning Opportunities

About Us

RISE Learning Institute at Bellevue College champions experiential learning, connecting students to career opportunities, supporting faculty development, and fostering community engagement for a holistic educational experience.

A employer speaking to a student at a Job and Networking Fair