Organizational Chart

Organizational chart for Information Technology Services Division.

Information Technology Services
Rodger Harrison, Vice President
Alex Monaghan, Executive Assistant
Daniel Moretti, Hourly Support Staff

Digital Media Services
David Bruckner, Interim Director – Studio Operations Manager
Ruth Bly – Media Producer

Director – Vacant
Dennis Deitchman IT System Admin Journey
Tim Longpre – IT Architecture Sr/Spec
Rick Mahaffey – IT App Develop Journey
Cody Rodefer – IT System Admin Journey
Wayne Snow – IT System Admin Sr/Spec

Andrew Vu IT System Admin Journey

Director – Vacant
Elizabeth Fuenzalida – IT Quality Assurance-Journey
Jaehong Lee – IT App Develop Journey
Taija Tevia-Clark – IT App Develop Journey

John Ip IT Data Management Sr/Spec
Layne Shiltson – IT System Admin Entry
Anna Bocsone Gergely – IT Data Management Entry
Dima Protchenko Hourly Staff

Project Management Office
Maria Rivas – Organizational Change Project Manager
Eric Kong – IT Project Mgmt Journey
Stephanie Baker – Business Analyst
Dave Ortega – Business Analyst
Carson YipBusiness Analyst

IT Business Operations
Jaroslava Buchova, Director
Anna Ivina – Fiscal Specialist
Nadia Sharafanovich – Software Inventory

Monika Ferenc Hourly Staff
Janice Nasu
Hourly Staff

Technology Support Services
Chris Carlton-Bishop, Director
System and Application Support
D Koopman – IT Customer Sup Journey
Mitch Manning – IT Customer Sup Journey
Bob Moretti – IT System Admin Journey
Grady Murphy – IT Customer Sup Journey
Pavel Poliansky – IT Customer Sup Journey
Hridayesh Subba – IT Customer Sup Journey
Anthony Vu – IT System Admin Journey
Zach Smith – IT Customer Sup Journey

Frances Peppard – IT Customer Sup Journey
Pat Roberts – IT Customer Sup Journey

Lab Services
Rahman Mumar – IT Customer Sup Journey
Magd Aladib Hourly Staff
Amani Elaameir Hourly Staff
Jon Matsushita
Hourly Staff
Lab Assistants
Client Services
Dustin Thomas – IT System Admin Entry
Eli Kim – IT Customer Sup Journey
Gabriel Lee – IT Customer Sup Journey
Lucas Sharman – IT Customer Sup Journey

Print Services
Dianne Rolfson – Graphics Coordinator
Mary Cox – Print Bindery and Duplication Specialist

Last Updated April 25, 2023