Sonya Doucette Picture

Sonya Doucette

Program Co-Chair for Earth and Space Sciences


Sonya is interested in understanding the world through chemistry science and providing real-world learning experiences for students that foster such insights. After earning her M.S. (2003) and Ph.D. (2008) doing research in the Chemical Oceanography Division of UW’s School of Oceanography, she taught at UW’s College of the Environment (2008 – 2010) and Arizona State …more about Sonya Doucette

Deborah Minium Picture

Deborah Minium


Deborah has been a faculty member at Bellevue College for more than 20 years. She has taught geology, environmental science, biology, oceanography and botany. She received her teaching certificate and Masters’ of Science in Environmental Studies from Antioch New England Graduate School. Her Bachelors’ of Science in Geology was obtained from Stephen F. Austin State …more about Deborah Minium

Sue Nightingale Picture

Sue Nightingale


Sue has been teaching a variety of Biology, Ecology, Oceanography and Environmental Science courses at Bellevue College since 1995, particularly enjoying Marine Biology, Puget Sound Ecology and teaching in the Interdisciplinary program. Sue received an Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology from Occidental College and a Master’s degree in Fisheries from University of Washington School of …more about Sue Nightingale

Kent Short Picture

Kent Short


Kent has been at BC since Fall 1998, teaching Meteorology 101, along with various other courses, including Meteorology 211 (Global Climate Change), Oceanography 101  (Introduction to Oceanography), Oceanography 110 (Environmental Oceanography), Environmental Science 100 (Survey of Environmental Science), Environmental Science 250 (Puget Sound Ecology), and the Current Issues in Environmental Science seminar series (ENVS 281,282,283). …more about Kent Short

Dana Vukajlovich Picture

Dana Vukajlovich

Program Co-Chair for Earth and Space Sciences


Dana has been a full-time instructor at Bellevue College since 2015 and the Earth and Space Sciences program co-chair since 2019. She teaches Oceanography and Geology courses including Geology 101 (Intro to Physical Geology), Geology 107 (Geological Catastrophes), Oceanography 101 (Intro  to Oceanography) and Oceanography/Environmental Science 110 (Environmental Oceanography). She has an academic background in …more about Dana Vukajlovich

Jessica Wang Picture

Jessica Wang


Jessica joined Bellevue College as a full-time instructor in 2020 and currently teaches Meteorology 101 (Introduction to the Weather) and Oceanography 101 (Introduction to Oceanography). Her academic background is in climate science, which considers how all parts of the Earth (e.g., the air, oceans, ground, and living things) are connected and changing through time as …more about Jessica Wang

Last Updated December 21, 2021