OLS Classroom & Students
At OLS Bellevue College, all classes are college-level. The curriculum is layered, meaningful, and life-related. Class sizes are small and class time is longer per credit than a typical college course in order to provide more learning time and differentiated instruction. Students enrich and practice their skills with community and service-learning opportunities each quarter in courses such as:

  • Preparing for the Workplace: Skills for professional workforce participation are taught, including forming a professional network. Students learn about current interviewing styles, and interviews are scheduled and conducted. The focus is on securing an internship.
  • Building Healthy Relationships: Students explore healthy and unhealthy relationships, with an emphasis on strategies to maintain healthy relationships in different environments, including conflict management strategies. Disability disclosure in social situations is discussed and practiced.
  • Personal Finance:  A hands-on course in developing money management skills, including an examination of credit cards, money scams, and paycheck information. The focus is on applying financial knowledge and skills in real and simulated situations for independent financial success.
  • Citizenship:  Students examine and debate core democratic values. The organization of multiple governments are compared and contrasted, and the laws and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship are examined. Multiple histories, cultures, perspectives, contributions and struggles of various groups are explored. There is discussion of people with disabilities and the ability to influence policy and practice through advocacy.

See a complete list of courses on the Bellevue College website.

Last Updated February 21, 2019