Financial Aid

Student writing notes

Although it is not required, we recommend applying for financial aid before you are accepted into the OLS program. Financial Aid is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, and applying early can help you maximize the amount of aid you may qualify for. If you wait until you’re accepted to apply, you could miss out on Financial Aid.

Step One: Apply for FAFSA

Step Two: Apply for Bellevue College Admissions*

*Acceptance into Bellevue College does not guarantee admission to the OLS Program. The Bellevue College admission fee will be applied to your tuition in your first fall quarter. 

Step Three: Apply for Bellevue College Financial Aid


For Bellevue College scholarship information, please visit the Bellevue College Foundation page. For additional sources of financial aid and scholarships, please visit our Resources Page.

Last Updated November 15, 2018