Dream Print Presentations

First year students completed their year-end culminating project, the Dream Print presentation, for their Self Determination course. In class, they worked on the creation of a Powerpoint presentation where they discussed their good experiences, dreams, goals, strengths, and hopes for the future. They did this in the context of assignments that led to the creation ...more about Dream Print Presentations

Independent Sustainability Projects

Part of our Environment & Our Community course curriculum is participation in a sustainability/community project. Usually students gather at a local park and work together on a project throughout the quarter. Because our students are unable to gather due to COVID-19 restrictions, we had to be a little more creative this quarter. Students worked independently ...more about Independent Sustainability Projects

Adjusting to Distance Learning

When the Covid-19 crisis hit, OLS students were suddenly thrown into distance learning. They quickly had to find ways to adjust and cope with the reality of learning in a completely new and, to many, foreign environment. The fourth year students were asked to reflect on adjusting to distance learning. Specifically, they were asked to ...more about Adjusting to Distance Learning

Zoom Yoga Session with Lexie Harding

On Wednesday, April 29, the Yoga class got to mix things up by participating in a yoga session with Lexie Harding, a yoga instructor from Tennessee who has been teaching group and private classes the past seven years. Lexie graduated from YogaWorks in 2012 and will complete her 300-hour teacher training program this fall. Throughout ...more about Zoom Yoga Session with Lexie Harding

OLS Student Clubs

Looking for something fun to do with your fellow OLS students? Come join an OLS Student Club! Learn a new skill, show off your talents, or just come for the fun! These clubs are open to all current OLS students. OLS Open Mic: Wednesdays @ 1PM Share your creative talents with other OLS students - ...more about OLS Student Clubs

Group Work on Social Behavior Maps

Even though classes are being conducted online, OLS group work continues! Using Microsoft Teams, instructors can assign students a group and through the same platform students are able to work together virtually, allowing students to share their work and projects with one another. In our Healthy Relationships course, students work on learning expected and unexpected ...more about Group Work on Social Behavior Maps

Earth Day Student Discussion

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day last week, students in the Critical Thinking Through Science course met virtually for an engaging discussion about Earth Day and what people can do in their everyday lives to help combat climate change and other issues we are facing. Students were also shown the infograph below ...more about Earth Day Student Discussion

Fun With Science

Students enrolled in our Critical Thinking Through Science course have been having a great time with some hands-on science. The first day of the quarter began with their instructor Mark Waldstein showing them a few experiments that can be done using some simple home ingredients. Here's an example of refraction using a glass of water ...more about Fun With Science

Virtual Ice Breaker

The Office Procedures and Customer Service course students participated in a virtual ice breaker to start off Spring Quarter. A virtual ice breaker can be a game, a quirky activity, a competition, or an exercise that's designed to challenge the way students think, and, in this case, students played a game called 2 Truths and ...more about Virtual Ice Breaker

Career Hats

During Winter Quarter, students enrolled in Individual Studies re-examine their career paths through a project called Career Hats. This project helps them explore their chosen careers and what it will take to accomplish their goals. Here are two examples from this year's Career Hat project, by Katelyn and Elly. Why Costco and Why Costco Warehouse? ...more about Career Hats