Bellevue Reporter Journalists Visit OLS Bellevue College Class

In November, the OLS News and Daily Living course enjoyed a visit from journalists for the Bellevue Reporter. Evan Pappas covers the City Hall beat, and Madison Miller writes features on arts and education. Together they talked about how they got started in the news business, what their responsibilities are, and what their typical day …more about Bellevue Reporter Journalists Visit OLS Bellevue College Class

Making Plarn

Students taking the Environments and our Community course fall quarter were visited by Sapan from the RISE Institute who taught them how to make plarn: yarn made from plastic bags. The plarn is used to make mats for an agency RISE is currently partnering with called Facing Homelessness, an organization focused on supporting people living …more about Making Plarn

OSHA Research & Presentations

This quarter students enrolled in Controversial Issues in the Workplace spent time reflecting on their internship target and researching OSHA publications that would likely apply to their workplace. After researching both of these topics, they presented the information in class. Analyzing OSHA publications and generalizing them to potential future workplaces requires the students to utilize …more about OSHA Research & Presentations

A Visit From OLS Alumni

The Self-Determination course was treated to a visit from 2018 OLS Alumni Heather and Jahan who shared their experiences with independent living. Topics during the Q&A discussion included what it took to transition from living at home to sharing an apartment with a roommate, how they decided who does which chores, and how the rent …more about A Visit From OLS Alumni

King County Legislative Forum for Developmental Disabilities

The annual King County Legislative Forum for Developmental Disabilities took place on November 19, and OLS students enrolled in the Citizenship course were there to take part in the program. This event, put on by the Arc of King County, provides an opportunity for the disability community to voice their concerns and issues to their …more about King County Legislative Forum for Developmental Disabilities

Movie Outing Reflections

As part of their Critical Thinking Through Film course, students were asked to see a film with another student or group of students and discuss both the film and the social dynamics of the group or person they saw the movie with.┬áThis activity helped students stretch their social boundaries and meet new students with similar …more about Movie Outing Reflections

Calculating in Reverse

Students enrolled in Personal Finance took a quiz this quarter where the answers were shown and students needed to figure out the steps that would lead to the answer. Prior to starting the group quiz, three different calculations were reviewed by the class to give students a bit of a warm-up. Then they worked in …more about Calculating in Reverse