Learning About Internet Safety

The OLS Intro to Computers class has been busy learning about internet safety. One activity that they recently completed was an Internet Safety Poster. For this fun group activity, students compiled what they learned in class on a poster. Students shared the best reasons to be online, how they use the internet, and advice they ...more about Learning About Internet Safety

Volunteering at KidVantage

OLS Citizenship course students spent time researching and self-reflecting on what being a good citizen means and how to be better citizens to their community. Students broke into small groups to discuss ways to help the community. Some of the ideas they came up with included donating blood, hosting food drives, donating goods and clothing, ...more about Volunteering at KidVantage

Steps to Justice Bingo

Students in the OLS Bellevue College Controversial Issues course are learning about the how the workplace is affected by changing social attitudes, beliefs, laws and market trends. OLS students are preparing to enter the workforce and should be able to identify employment resources, information on employment rights and laws, issues of discrimination, occupational safety and unique issues ...more about Steps to Justice Bingo

A Visit to Robinswood Park

The OLS Walking and Jogging course goes outdoors on campus for many of their classes. On Wednesday, Oct 5, students got to break out of their usual routine with a community activity at Robinswood Park. In addition to giving students the chance to explore their community somewhere off campus, this gave students the opportunity to ...more about A Visit to Robinswood Park

Social Change in America Essays

Kenassa, OLS Student The Social Change in America class recently looked at the website for the National Alliance to End Homelessness and discussed all the different services that help unhoused people get back on their feet. The students were really digging into the topic; but 4th-year student Kenassa went “above and beyond” with thoughtful essays ...more about Social Change in America Essays

OLS Bellevue College Welcomes New Workforce Development Manager

Please join us in welcoming Jessica D’Aquila as the new Workforce Development Manager for OLS Bellevue College. Prior to joining OLS, Jessica worked for two years as a special education teacher for Lake Washington School district for middle school and high school aged students with moderate to severe disabilities. She led a classroom that focused ...more about OLS Bellevue College Welcomes New Workforce Development Manager

Finding a Quiet Space for Yoga

Students enrolled in our Yoga for Life Balance course were assigned to find a quiet space within their residence that is not the same as where they conduct other normal daily activities. This required students needed to be discerning and creative about finding the space as it will need to meet the following parameters: Independent ...more about Finding a Quiet Space for Yoga

OLS Student Joins Volunteers on Campus for Memorial Day

Story by:  Anastasia, OLS Student OLS Student Anastasia joined Bellevue College students and staff as a volunteer to arrive on campus early morning on Friday, May 27 to help put up flags around campus for Memorial Day in honor of those who sacrificed their lives during military service. The Bellevue College Veterans Association provided breakfast ...more about OLS Student Joins Volunteers on Campus for Memorial Day