The Practice of Heartfulness

Mindfulness is one of the elective courses in the OLS program, and on Fridays students enrolled in the course participate in an exercise to practice an important aspect of mindfulness: Heartfulness. Heartfulness is purposefully thinking kind, loving thoughts about yourself and others and helps create positive thoughts and joy in our lives and the lives ...more about The Practice of Heartfulness

Discussion on November Election

Fall quarter is the time of year our second year students take the Citizenship course in the OLS program, and what better time to learn about Citizenship than the time leading up to and following elections. This quarter students were asked to review Ballot Initiative 976 on the state election website and spent time familiarizing ...more about Discussion on November Election

Mock Interviews Prep

4th year OLS students have been busy in their Workplace Readiness course preparing for tomorrow's mock interviews. This is the third (and final!) time they've participated in mock interviews and will be a great chance for them to put all they've learned in our program into practice as they prepare for their upcoming internships and ...more about Mock Interviews Prep

The Benefits of Daily Walks

One of the electives OLS students can take during our program is our Walking & Jogging course. Throughout the course, students learn about and experience the many benefits of exercise: feeling happier, reducing risk of chronic disease, improving brain health and memory, improving sleep quality, increasing energy levels, and much more. Students also learn how ...more about The Benefits of Daily Walks

Mind Mapping

Students taking Cultural Awareness this fall recently completed an exercise exploring prejudices in hiring, followed by creating a mind map around prejudicial attitudes. Mind mapping consists of visually organizing information in a diagram, showing the hierarchical relationship between pieces of information. This activity helps promote self-awareness around prejudice and global awareness. Students recognized behaviors, such ...more about Mind Mapping

Cyndie-Lea Wang Accepts New Position with OLS Bellevue College

Please join us in congratulating Cyndie-Lea Wang in her new position with OLS Bellevue College as our Instruction and Student Success Program Manager. Cyndie-Lea has been an instructor with OLS for the past 6 years, teaching courses such as Environment and Our Community, Learning Strategies, and Cultural Awareness, and she is excited to bring her ...more about Cyndie-Lea Wang Accepts New Position with OLS Bellevue College

Dream Prints

By the end of their first year in the OLS program, students are ready to take an important step in self-determination by speaking confidently about who they are, what they want, and what help they may need to achieve their dreams. They will build on this foundation over the next few years leading up to ...more about Dream Prints

Summer Volunteering with Tilth Alliance

Over the summer, OLS students spend time volunteering with a local community organization. This summer our students are volunteering through Tilth Alliance, an organization founded in 2016 with a mission to build an ecologically sound, economically viable and socially equitable food system. OLS volunteers spend time each week packing Good Food Bags with sustainable, fresh ...more about Summer Volunteering with Tilth Alliance

Dating: What’s Healthy, What’s Not

The Human Sexuality course is designed to establish a safe place for students to discuss and develop awareness of the human body and issues related to common sexual behaviors. This course enables students to critically think about how human sexuality impacts social relationships, lifelong decisions, and personal choices. This spring quarter, students shared what they ...more about Dating: What’s Healthy, What’s Not