First Mock Interviews

Last quarter first year students got some great practice interviewing for a job in their first mock interview as part of the Communication in the Workplace course. These mock interviews are conducted by professionals from various local businesses and Bellevue College who volunteer their time to take on the role of the interviewer. This mock …more about First Mock Interviews

Chelsea’s Job Shadow Experience

3rd year OLS students recently completed job shadows as part of the Individual Studies course. The assignment was to explore positions based on the career pathway they’ve been curating during the OLS program, and get an idea of what they will want to do for their internships next year. We got a chance to sit …more about Chelsea’s Job Shadow Experience

PCC Community Markets Tour

Thank you to PCC Community Markets for the recent tour of your Redmond store for our students enrolled in the Nutrition, Health, & Fitness course. This course focuses on overall wellness and the application of healthy living practices. Throughout the quarter, students actively participate in events that demonstrate skills and knowledge of kitchen safety, menu …more about PCC Community Markets Tour

A Visit To RISE

Students recently took a tour of the RISE Center on Main Campus to gain understanding of how advances in Technology work. The RISE Center has a workshop to learn how to create things by sewing or design clothing that integrates technology in to it. This activity give the students a chance to develop Skills for …more about A Visit To RISE

Walk In Our Shoes

Students in the Nutrition, Health and Fitness course learned about What is Mental Health, Mental Health Challenges/Myths vs Facts, and Giving & Getting Help. The students utilized and explored the website to discover what it is like to walk in someone else’s shoes with Mental Health. Each student created and presented their own personal …more about Walk In Our Shoes

Trip to the Microsoft Vistor Center

There are so many technologies available for people with disabilities, and new technology is being developed all the time. We are lucky to be near one company developing these types of technologies: Microsoft. Students taking Computer Fundamentals this quarter had a great time visiting the Microsoft Visitor Center in Redmond. This visit provided students the …more about Trip to the Microsoft Vistor Center

Famous Person Research Project

Students taking Disability Awareness researched and presented on a famous person or historical figure that has the same disability as themselves. They were then asked to research this disability, describe the impact, or symptoms, it has on a person’s daily life, how many people world wide have this type of disability, and describe how people …more about Famous Person Research Project

Developing A Personal Aesthetic For Music

As part of the Music Appreciation course this quarter, students develop and apply their own personal aesthetic criteria for evaluating music. Students first work at developing an understanding of musical terms and elements. They explore different world cultures while critically analyzing the unique ways the musical elements are used. After developing a firm foundation and …more about Developing A Personal Aesthetic For Music

Resource Scavenger Hunt

First year students got to know the Bellevue College Main Campus a little better while engaging in a fun scavenger hunt to explore the variety of resources available to them. Students collaborated with partners to find the information and took notes and pictures. After the hunt, students reported on their findings by putting together a …more about Resource Scavenger Hunt