Creating OLS Commericals

Every spring our Critical Thinking Through Media course students participate in a fun and creative project by creating a commercial for the OLS program. The commercials are geared to prospective OLS students and requires our students to utilize their critical thinking skills to develop an idea focused on what future students might be interested in …more about Creating OLS Commericals

Utilizing OLS Skills to Help Others

During the 2nd year of OLS, students take a course called Career Exploration where they evaluate the career pathway they’ve chosen and look at their own values, strengths, and skills to better determine if that pathway is a good fit. By the end of their 2nd year, students have gained enough skills and had enough …more about Utilizing OLS Skills to Help Others

Community Service with Forterra

Our Environment and Our Community course was hard at work this spring quarter at Idylwood Park on Lake Sammamish. In partnership with Forterra, a local non-profit, students work together for 6 weeks to rid the park of invasive species of plants that are suffocating the trees. It is important these trees keep living and thriving …more about Community Service with Forterra

Five Pillars of Success

This quarter students taking our Office Procedures and Customer Service course were asked to write their response to questions about the five communication skills that are essential to success in face-to-face customer service. Flip charts were posted on the walls, and after each flip chart was completed students participated in a class discussion based on: …more about Five Pillars of Success

Career Portfolio with Johnny Bunko

In our Career Portfolio course, 1st year students focus on personal and work values such as making fundamental decisions, finding and articulating your strengths, and being part of a team. Students spend a lot of time doing introspective thinking, searching for ways to articulate and communicate ideas about themselves and others. Students work in partners, …more about Career Portfolio with Johnny Bunko

Contributing to a Mission Statement

With graduation on the horizon, 4th year OLS students are busy finishing up their internships. These internships represent the dedication and self-determination these students have demonstrated throughout their time in our program. Recently they spent some time reflecting on their host company’s mission statement and how they contribute to that mission. Here are some of …more about Contributing to a Mission Statement

3rd Year Mock Interviews

Back in April we shared a story about mock interviews with first year OLS students, their first of three they will do throughout their time in the program. On April 24, 3rd year students participated in their second mock interviews. Students spend time in their Workplace Problem Solving course preparing for these interviews by reflecting …more about 3rd Year Mock Interviews

Recording Podcasts

Last quarter our Podcasts course had an amazing time creating and recording their own podcasts. Students worked in groups to determine what topic to make the podcast about, deciding which role everyone would take on, and draft an outline showing the order of speakers and segments. After careful preparation and practice, students were ready to …more about Recording Podcasts