Cyndie-Lea Wang Accepts New Position with OLS Bellevue College

Please join us in congratulating Cyndie-Lea Wang in her new position with OLS Bellevue College as our Instruction and Student Success Program Manager. Cyndie-Lea has been an instructor with OLS for the past 6 years, teaching courses such as Environment and Our Community, Learning Strategies, and Cultural Awareness, and she is excited to bring her ...more about Cyndie-Lea Wang Accepts New Position with OLS Bellevue College

Dream Prints

By the end of their first year in the OLS program, students are ready to take an important step in self-determination by speaking confidently about who they are, what they want, and what help they may need to achieve their dreams. They will build on this foundation over the next few years leading up to ...more about Dream Prints

Summer Volunteering with Tilth Alliance

Over the summer, OLS students spend time volunteering with a local community organization. This summer our students are volunteering through Tilth Alliance, an organization founded in 2016 with a mission to build an ecologically sound, economically viable and socially equitable food system. OLS volunteers spend time each week packing Good Food Bags with sustainable, fresh ...more about Summer Volunteering with Tilth Alliance

Dating: What’s Healthy, What’s Not

The Human Sexuality course is designed to establish a safe place for students to discuss and develop awareness of the human body and issues related to common sexual behaviors. This course enables students to critically think about how human sexuality impacts social relationships, lifelong decisions, and personal choices. This spring quarter, students shared what they ...more about Dating: What’s Healthy, What’s Not

Plasma Demonstration

Students in Critical Thinking through Science had an opportunity to see plasma up close and personal through a plasma lamp, a glass globe filled with neon gas; at the center is an electrode with a high-voltage current running through it. When someone touches the glass, they complete a circuit ā€“ just as lightning does when ...more about Plasma Demonstration

Filling Out A SCOPES

In our Healthy Relationships course, students learn strategies to maintain a healthy relationship in various environments. One of the activities they participate in is SCOPES. The term SCOPES is an acronym for Scene, Conflict, Options, Perspective, Emotions and Solution. Students were given a social situation and asked to find the best solution to the given ...more about Filling Out A SCOPES

Science Experiment Presentations

Our Critical Thinking Through Science course was busy finals week preparing and presenting their science experiment projects for their final. They spent a couple of weeks performing the experiments and collecting data before presenting their findings to each other. The underpinning for this entire course is a five-step process known as the Scientific Method. It ...more about Science Experiment Presentations

Walking & Jogging

In our Walking and Jogging course, students are asked to walk or jog one mile as a group, in partners, or alone. The class uses the 520 pedestrian pathway to complete the activity, and we spend time learning about the importance of exercise for both physical and mental health. This is a relaxed class where ...more about Walking & Jogging

Creating OLS Commericals

Every spring our Critical Thinking Through Media course students participate in a fun and creative project by creating a commercial for the OLS program. The commercials are geared to prospective OLS students and requires our students to utilize their critical thinking skills to develop an idea focused on what future students might be interested in ...more about Creating OLS Commericals