Benefits for Students

MoneySome students need to work in order to meet educational and living expenses, while others work because they feel the experience can be a valuable part of their education.

Here are some reasons to consider working while you’re in school:

  • The skills obtained from working complement academic performance and communicate to future employers the ability to succeed in a professional setting.
  • You can gain additional financial resources and reduce the necessity for student loans.
  • Depending on the position, it may be an opportunity to gain practical experience and network with professionals in your field. Or it may be an opportunity to sample different career choices.
  • It’s a way to establish a work record for your resume. Almost any job can enhance fundamental skills such as communication, time management, customer service, etc.
  • Having your own source of earned income can provide you with a heightened sense of independence.

Here are some reasons to pursue a Work-Study job:

  • Most Work-Study jobs are on-campus, which is very convenient.
  • If you work on-campus, you also develop a sense of community and you connect to Bellevue College resources.
  • Work-Study employers will work with you to make your work schedule mesh with your class schedule. You will not be asked to work during class times, and employers are flexible in allowing time off for studying for exams.
  • Work-Study wages are not counted towards next year’s student contribution for financial aid.

Last Updated March 9, 2016