Information for Employers

The State and Federal Work-Study programs are fantastic resources for employers. More than 2,500 employers in Washington State currently utilize these programs. These programs generally pay 40-70% percent of your Work-Study employees’ wages.

Overall, the Work-Study programs allow employers to:

  • Save money while meeting part-time staffing needs.
  • Hire bright college students who can bring cutting-edge skills and new ideas to your organization.
  • Preview new talent. When their best Work-Study students graduate, many employers convert them to full-time employees, thus saving on recruiting, hiring, and training costs.

Program Requirements

The State and Federal Work-Study programs recognize that participants are students first and employees second. Specifically, both programs require that Work-Study students:

  1. Work no more than 19 hours per week when classes are in session.
  2. Not work at the same time as they have a class. Students must provide their class schedule to employers, and employers have an obligation to avoid scheduling conflicts.

While the state and federal programs are similar, they have some different logistics and require different paperwork. To figure out which program is the best fit for you, contact Kristen Davey.

Need Assistance?

The Bellevue College Work-Study coordinators are happy to assist employers at any step in the process. Our students gain tremendously valuable experience when they work off campus, so we truly value our partnerships with local companies, organizations, and agencies.If you have any questions, please call (425) 564-2279 or e-mail Kristen Davey to reach a Work-Study coordinator.

State Work-Study

Most private sector employers participate in the State Work-Study program. This program is coordinated by the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC), and you can find all the procedures and regulations governing the program on the WSAC website. If you’re new to State Work-Study, you’ll start by filling out an employer contract and job description through the online WSAC portal and creating a profile. The process of having a contract approved and finding a qualified student typically takes 3 to 6 weeks.

If you’ve already registered with the State Work-Study system, you’ll just need to send a job description [PDF] to Kristen Davey.

The job must meet the following guidelines:

  • The Work-Study position cannot be a replacement for a regular employee.
  • The student must be paid a comparable wage to your other employees.
  • The student can never work more than 19 hours per week while classes are in session.

Preferred placements are in jobs related to the student’s field of study, but this is a recommendation rather than a requirement.

Last Updated October 5, 2023