Information for On-Campus Employers

What is Work Study? 

Work Study is a form of financial aid that some students become eligible for when they apply for student aid through the that provides an opportunity to work in a part time campus job while they attend full time classes at Bellevue College.  In order for students to maintain their work study eligibility they need to be enrolled in 12 or more credits and they must pass all their classes each quarter.   

Work Study is a win-win opportunity for students and for campus departments!  Students can earn money to pay for living expenses while they are attending full time college and BC Departments get the help they need in their areas to support their daily operational and programmatic goals.   

The Work-Study program is a fantastic resource for on campus departments that need support in their areas.  The benefit to your area:

  • Save money while meeting part-time staffing needs as 100% of student wages are paid through their work study award
  • Have the opportunity to directly impact a student’s professional development by mentoring and training them within your department while they are attending Bellevue College.
  • Have the benefit of getting the support you need in your department to better serve students and the campus at large
  • Once you onboard a work study student employee, you can keep that student employed for the duration of their full-time enrollment at Bellevue College.

How it works

Work Study Supervisor Training Video

Work Study Supervisor PowerPoint with links

  • Supervisors fill out a Job Description.
  • Your Work study job description gets forwarded to Kristen Davey, the BC work study coordinator. 
  • Your WS job will get posted on the student job board, Handshake, and eligible students apply 
  • You will receive applicants (resumes) and invite applicants to an interview. 
  • Once you decide to hire a work study, complete the “Request to Hire” Form and submit to 
  • Let your new hire know that they will receive an email from ‘Accurate’ and they need to fill out the background check form ASAP! 
  • Let the WS Coordinator Kristen Davey know you are hiring a work study and ask for the Work Study Job Description (WSJD). This document accompanies your hiring paperwork that you submit to HR and is how your new hire gets paid out of the work study budgets.
  • When HR notifies you that your work study hire is cleared for employment, you will need to fill out the necessary hiring paperwork before your student starts working
  • Submit your hiring paperwork to the HR department or drop it off in B144 or scan and send to
  • Make sure that your new work study hire completes the required HR Training

Rules of Engagement

  • Supervisors must complete the HR paperwork before an eligible work study student can begin working
  • Supervisor cannot schedule a student during their class times and they may never schedule a student more than 19 hours a week while school is in session
  • Supervisors need to support their work study employees with training and support to ensure their success
  • Communicate with your work study employee to make sure they are enrolled in 12 credits or more each quarter and to assure they are doing well in their courses

Last Updated March 4, 2024