Kapka Stoyanova Picture

Kapka Stoyanova

Ceramics Instructor


Kapka was born and raised in Bulgaria. At age of 14, after an art competition, she was accepted to study at the special School of Arts in town of Troyan, where she graduated with an art diploma after 5 years of concentrated art education. Then she continued studying visual arts such as Ceramics, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, and Graphic Design at the National Academy of Art in Sofia. In addition to her Master of Fine Arts degree in 1997, she received a Teacher certificate, and immediately after that an art school in Sofia provided Kapka with her first opportunity to teach visual arts. She was an art teacher in Bulgaria for more than 10 years. Loving this experience, she started working at Bellevue College in the Art Department, after her family moved to USA in 2009. She continues to have a very enjoyable experience with many art mediums, but she is in love with Ceramics, as it is the one that can combine many visual arts together: clay, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, and Design.

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