ART 230: Beginning Printmaking - 5 credits

The purpose of a printmaking course is to present students with an opportunity to further their knowledge of drawing, painting and design beyond what is offered in our beginning classes. The experience of a different media such as printmaking is desirable as it expands students' concepts of how to compose and activate a two dimensional art format as well as understanding graphic technique. Recommended: ART 120.

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ART 235: Printmaking II - 5 credits

Printmaking II is a continuation and advancement in learning the skills and techniques of fine art printmaking. Students create works of art that depend on a technical understanding of various printmaking methods. Students further skills in visual communication, drawing, design and color. Requires additional lab time outside of class. Prerequisite: ART 230. Recommended: ART 110, ART 120, or ART 111.

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Last Updated February 27, 2014