ART 240: Oil Painting – 5 credits

Introduces color theory and techniques for working in oils. Students learn modeling in light and shade composition. Includes six hours of lecture and lab, with additional time required outside class.

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ART 242: Advanced Studio:Oil Painting – 5 credits

Continues ART 240. Prerequisite: ART 111 and 121 and 240, or permission of instructor.

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ART 245: Watercolor I – 5 credits

This course presents basic instruction in watercolor painting. Students use watercolor to paint objects and forms from both direct observation and imagination. Students gain skill in techniques unique to the watercolor process. Requires additional lab time outside of class. Recommended: ART 120.

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ART 247: Watercolor II – 5 credits

Continuation of Art 245, Watercolor I. Provides students an opportunity to further their knowledge of drawing, painting and design beyond beginning watercolor. Recommended: ART 245.

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Last Updated June 11, 2020