Bellevue College Student Success Vision

“Bellevue College transforms the lives of students by eliminating gaps in opportunity and achievement for our diverse student community. 

Each student reaches their academic and career goals through an intentionally-designed college experience that reflects quality, creativity, and equity.

Graphic: BC's Bulldog Trail showing pre-entry and admission to alumni connection of BC students.
BC’s Bulldog Trail to student success steps:
Explore, Connect, Engage, Learn, Achieve, and Thrive

How We Got Here

In 2017, with approval from BC Governance Councils, Bellevue College joined the Achieving The Dream (ATD) network and began work to use the ATD Guided Pathways model to frame our own “Bulldog Trail” to Student Success. Included in membership to the national ATD network are external coaches and access to the DREAM conference every year, where we learn what other colleges are doing to successfully implement the institutional change needed to ensure ALL students succeed. However, input from our own Bellevue College faculty, staff and students is the most important way we can shape ATD to work for our students.

To learn more about how YOU can get involved: