Our vision: Bellevue College transforms the lives of students by eliminating gaps in opportunity and achievement for our diverse student community. Each student reaches their academic and career goals through an intentionally designed college experience of quality, creativity, and equity.

To realize this vision, BC’s ATD core, data, and communication teams integrate evidence-based initiatives into a college-wide, cohesive, data-informed, and well-communicated approach to student success. Three key institutional transformation efforts are currently underway: BC pathways, integrated advising and student support, and comprehensive faculty professional development.

ATD Infographic

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Achieving the Dream (ATD) is a network of more than 200 colleges, each committed to seeing all students fulfill their higher education dreams. ATD provides a framework for guiding institutional change and nurturing a culture focused on student success. Rather than impose new initiatives, ATD coordinates existing efforts to improve implementation and facilitate data-informed decision-making.

By participating in this national network, BC joins with other colleges in sharing best practices, solving problems, and adopting new ideas to improve student success.