Student Success Vision

Bellevue College transforms the lives of students by eliminating gaps in opportunity and achievement for our diverse student community. ‚ÄčEach student reaches their academic and career goals through an intentionally-designed college experience that reflects quality, creativity, and equity.‚Äč

The BC Bulldog Trail

The vision we have for our student success work is one in which students feel valued and part of a community. We reach out and help guide the process from pre-entry to post-graduation, as shown in the Bellevue College Bulldog Trail:

Bulldog Trail which includes these phases: explore, connect, engage, learn, achieve, thrive
Image: The BC Bulldog Trail

This model is based on intentionally designed, clear and structured educational experiences, that guide students from their initial connection to Bellevue College to graduation, transfer, and a career beyond BC.

It reveals the resources (i.e. people, funding, technology, etc.) that are needed and should be leveraged and maximized to support student success. This framework pays attention to the entire student experience, rather than just one segment of it.

It is focused on equity and closing the achievement gaps, and purposefully supporting initiatives that aid in doing so.

Using national frameworks for accountability

For the past several years, BC staff, faculty and administrators have been working on re-designing the student experience through its Achieving the Dream (ATD) and Guided Pathways work. These frameworks have helped BC focus on equity and making data-informed decisions. Through Integrated Student Supports, BC Pathways, and Faculty Professional Development, an approach is being developed to close equity gaps so students, regardless of their socio-economic status, disability, race/ethnicity, part-time/full-time status, will have equal chances at attaining their goals to secure a better future.

Achieving the Dream logo

Dismantling systemic barriers

Behind the data are individual student lives at stake in what we do every day.  The work currently being done now and as we continue to move forward requires a lot of change…change in business as usual, how we think about our work and do our work each day. Change can and does take time, but the time is now to act. We cannot ask our students to wait until “one day”. It is imperative that we move forward with a sense of importance and urgency as leveling the playing field and creating equitable learning opportunities is urgent and must happen now.