Bellevue College baseball to host NWAC Showcase

BC batter in mid-swing

Courter Field at Bellevue College

Bellevue College baseball will host the NWAC Showcase on Saturday, Sept. 22. The one-day event will begin at approximately 8:45 a.m. at Courter Field on the BC campus.

The event features the top recruitable prospects for both professional scouts and four-year college coaches.

  • all professional baseball scouts and 4-year coaches, NWAC coaches, staff WITH credentials admitted at gate and allowed entry
  • all parents, fans seating up in right field on berm. No entry into main gate – reserved for scouts and coaches only. All events and players will be announced over the PA system. Restrooms, food and beverage vending will be available in gym.
  • parking available in any lot surrounding field free of charge.

“Although it is a lot of work, Bellevue is proud to host the NWAC Showcase, as this is the preferred location as requested by the majority of four-year college recruiters,” Bellevue College baseball coach Mark Yoshino said. “We also take pride in it because it has been labeled as one of the top events that highlights the NWAC brand at the higher levels; those being NCAA division one recruiters and professional scouts.”

For information on other scheduled recruiting events and scout days in the area during the week, please contact BC coach Mark Yoshino at

For those college coaches who would like a basic roster ahead of time to get an early glimpse of players taking part, those will be available by e-mailing Yoshino beginning Thursday morning Sept. 20.

Schedule – Saturday, Sept. 22

8:45 a.m.: South/East Player Check In

9:10 a.m.: South Batting Practice

9:40 a.m.: East Batting Practice

10:10 a.m.: 60-yard dash

10:30 a.m.: South Defense Workout

10:50 a.m.: East Defense Workout

11:30 a.m.: South versus East Showcase Scrimmage

1:30 p.m.: North/West Player Check In

2:30 p.m.: North Batting Practice

3:00 p.m.: West Batting Practice

3:30 p.m.: 60-yard dash

3:40 p.m.: North Defense Workout

3:50 p.m.: West Defense Workout

4:00 p.m.: North versus West Scrimmage

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Last Updated October 18, 2018