Forms for Student Athletes

In order to participate in Bellevue College sports programs as a student-athlete, you’ll need to complete the Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC) eligibility packet. Those who were recruited to play at Bellevue, have official roster spots and/or signed an NWAC letter of intent must fill out. Those who are not officially on a team and are seeking to ‘try out’ do not need to complete; instead contact the coach directly for further inquiry. The link below has several sections and requires completion of a medical history form and sports physical. Use the links below to begin the eligibility process which must be completed with all forms submitted before being allowed to practice and/or compete.

Do you have questions about the process? We can help! Contact Angela D’Amelio by email or phone (425) 564-2396.

Forms for 1st Year and Transfer Student Athletes Only

Bellevue College NWAC Eligibility Application 2022

Medical Forms – must use this form when getting a sports physical

Forms for 2nd Year (Returning) Student Athletes Only

Second Year Eligibility Form

Medical Forms – must use this form when getting a sports physical

Forms for Both 1st and 2nd Year Student-Athletes

Student Athlete Handbook Agreement

COVID-19 Assumption of Risk and Release

Form for Potential Student-Athletes

(For those not currently on roster, but are seeking recruitment for future teams including current high school prospects)

Bellevue College Recruiting Questionnaire

Last Updated January 17, 2023