Forms for Student Athletes

In order to participate in Bellevue College sports programs as a student-athlete, you’ll need to complete the Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC) eligibility packet. Those who were recruited to play at Bellevue, have official roster spots and/or signed an NWAC letter of intent must fill out. Those who are not officially on a team and are seeking to ‘try out’ do not need to complete; instead contact the coach directly for further inquiry. The link below has several sections and requires completion of a medical history form and sports physical. Use the links below to begin the eligibility process which must be completed with all forms submitted before being allowed to practice and/or compete.

Do you have questions about the process? We can help! Contact Angela D’Amelio by email or phone (425) 564-2396.

Forms for First Year and Transfer Student Athletes Only

Bellevue College NWAC Eligibility Application

Medical Forms – must use this form when getting a sports physical

Forms for Second Year (Returning) Student Athletes Only

Second Year Eligibility Form

Medical Forms – must use this form when getting a sports physical

Forms for Both First and Second Year Student Athletes

Student Athlete Handbook Agreement

NWAC Concussion Injury Statement

Acknowledgement of Hazards and Risks

Players and Coaches Expectations

Form for Potential Student Athletes

(For those not currently on roster, but are seeking recruitment for future teams including current high school prospects)

Bellevue College Recruiting Questionnaire

Last Updated April 5, 2024