Ernie Woods

Ernie WoodsBasketball – Inaugural Inductee 2019

Ernie Woods led his Bellevue teams to 541 wins, two NW championships, 15 league titles, 7 regional championships, and 29 tournament titles in his 30 years at Bellevue. He has received basketball’s “Coach of the Year” honor seven times.

In 1968, the Bellevue Tip-Off Tournament became the first pre-season tournament conducted at any level in the state of Washington. It ran until it was replaced by the current NWAC Crossover Tournament.

The current NWAC men’s basketball Championship Trophy is now called the “Ernie Woods Men’s Basketball Team Champions”. He is a member of the NWAC Hall of Fame. He was was selected as the 1977 Basketball Clinician of the year by the United States Pacific Air Force.

He continues to consult with and support countless national, professional and collegiate teams and tournaments as well as develop software programs to bring the game of basketball to the next level.

Last Updated May 28, 2020