Thornton Perry

Thornton PerryCoached Track, Basketball, Cross Country – Inaugural Inductee 2019

Thornton Perry has done it all at Bellevue College, beginnng in 1971 and continuing on today. “TP,” as he is known on campus, started out working in the library, as well as being the head basketball scorekeeper and timekeeper. He also was the bus driver for multiple teams.

He started with women’s track & field and cross country programs in 1975, he was the women’s basketball coach for four years. TP still is an academic advisor/tutor, faculty member and life coach at Bellevue, where he has been for more than 48 years.

He is a member of the NWAC Hall of Fame and Margin of Excellence Award Winner for Outstanding Faculty at Bellevue. He has been involved in every aspect of athletics and academics at Bellevue and continues to this day to impact the lives of countless student athletes and coaches on campus.

Last Updated May 28, 2020