Major Leaguers

(year listed is year played at Bellevue)

Dave Pagan
1970 (first year of baseball at BC), NY Yankees (also Seattle Mariners, Pittsburgh Pirates)

Kevin Hagen
1979, St. Louis Cardinals (also Cincinnati Reds)

Mark Small
1988, Houston Astros

Steve Gajkowski
1990, Seattle Mariners

Jason Ellison
1998, San Francisco Giants (also Seattle Mariners, Cincinnati Reds, Texas Rangers)

Blake Hawksworth
2002, St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers

Evan Meek
2003, Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB All-Star 2010), Texas Rangers, Baltimore Orioles

Blaine Hardy
2007, Detroit Tigers

Adrian Sampson
2012, Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cub (current in 2022)

Player, Position, Year at BC, Organization

Eugene Moser 1970 NYY
Dave Pagan 1970 PIT
Ronald Roller 1971 OAK
Michael Venable 1971 NYY
Charles Roberts 1971 STL
Bruce Courtmanch 1971 SFG
Kenneth Miller 1972 TEX
Ken Donaldson 1972 PIT
Jeff DeBell 1972 ATL
David Barnes 1972 BALT
Thomas Park 1973 SFG
Scott Gunderson 1973 MIL
Robert Kraft 1973 ATL
Ray Parr 1973 PIT
Michael Lester 1973 NYY
Jason Tanneberg 1974 NYY
Greg Van Gaver 1974 WSN
Glen Halvorson 1974 PIT
David Buckley 1974 TOR
Tim Peterson 1975 SFG
Mace Magruder 1975 SFG
Bryan Johnson 1976 CHC
Ray Mass 1977 SFG
Harold Adams 1977 PHI
Warren DeLisle 1979 PIT
Jeff Ayers 1979 CIN
Albert Hammack 1979 SFG
Michael Lazzeri 1980 TOR
Kevin Hagen 1980 TEX
Scott Reckord 1981 PIT
Craig Moe 1983 KC
Robert Jensen 1984 STL
Rickie Vogt 1984 SEA
Ken Altona 1984 PHL
Michael House 1985 TOR
Carl Shaw 1986 KC
Val Henderson 1988 PIT

Mark Small 1989 HOU
Mark Linden 1989 CHC
Jon Fuller, C, 1988, Independent

Troy Trollope, OF, 1989, Pittsburgh Pirates

Corky Franklin, IF, 1990, Independent

Steve Gajkowski, P, 1990, Cleveland Indians

Jeff Gyselman, C, 1991, Philadelphia Phillies

Kelly Jacobson, P, 1991, Detroit Tigers

Don Baker, P, 1992, Independent

Chris Simmons, C, 1992, Independent

Tyler Borup, IF, 1993, Chicago White Sox

Ryan McDonald, IF, 1995 Kansas City Royals

Marc McDonnell, IF, 1995 Independent

Jaron Seabury, P, 1995, Toronto Blue Jays

Brian Pinson, IF, 1996, Seattle Mariners

Kevin Stinson, C, 1996, Chicago White Sox

Brandon Mauer, C, 1997, Cleveland Indians

Romell Mitchell, OF, 1997, Houston Astros

Jason Ellison, OF, 1998, San Francisco Giants, Seattle Mariners, Cincinnati Reds,Texas Rangers (MAJOR LEAGUES)

Brandon Mauer, C, 1998, Cleveland Indians

Romell Mitchell, OF, 1998, San Diego Padres

Adam Rittenhouse, IF, 1998, Independent

Phil Banta, P, 1999, Toronto Blue Jays

Chad Dias, C, 1999, San Diego Padres

Jermaine Smiley, OF, 1999, Kansas City Royals

Deshain Beasley, OF, 2000, Houston Astros

Collin Perschon, P, 2000, New York Mets

Scott Fairbanks, P, 2002, Oakland Athletics

Blake Hawksworth, P, 2002, St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers (MAJOR LEAGUES)

Travis Kassebaum, OF, 2002, Texas Rangers

Jesse Saunders, P, 2002, Baltimore Orioles

Evan Meek, P, 2003, Pittsburgh Pirates (MAJOR LEAGUE ALL-STAR), Texas Rangers, Baltimore Orioles (MAJOR LEAGUES), Washington Nationals
Russ Petrick, P, 2003, Baltimore Orioles

Tino Psaradelis, OF, 2003, Baltimore Orioles

Chris Todd, IF, 2003, San Francisco Giants

Dean Turner, P, 2003, San Diego Padres

Kevin Davis, P, 2003, Atlanta Braves

Greg Goetz, P, 2004, Cincinnati Reds

Ryan Snell, P, 2004, Colorado Rockies

Ian Harrington, P, 2004, Baltimore Orioles, 2007, Arizona Diamondbacks

Brent Thomas, OF, 2004, Seattle Mariners, 2005 Cleveland Indians

Bradley Clapp, P, 2005, Pittsburgh Pirates

Craig Johnson, P, 2005, Baltimore Orioles

Brandon Howard, IF, 2005, Traverse City Beach Bums (Independent Frontier League)

Jay Taylor, P, 2006, Colorado Rockies

Lars Knepper, P, 2007, San Francisco Giants

Mike Lee, P, 2005, 2006, New York Yankees, 2008, Boston Red Sox (AAA), Atlanta (AA), Arizona (AA), Toronto (AA)
Harrison Bishop, P, 2005, Baltimore Orioles, 2007 Pittsburgh Pirates

Stephen Foster, P, 2005, Baltimore Orioles, 2008 Atlanta Braves, 2010 Atlanta Braves

Andrew Snowdon, P, 2006, Philadelphia Phillies (A), Sioux City Explorers (Independent)

Troy Burki, P, 2006, Baltimore Orioles

Brad Reid, P, 2006, Cleveland Indians, 2008, Seattle Mariners, 2010 Oakland County Cruisers (Independent), 2011 Joliet Slammers (Independent)

Jason Moseby, OF, 2006, Pittsburgh Pirates

Kyle Decater, OF, 2007, Tampa Bay Rays

Jesse Wight, OF, 2007, Southern Illinois Miners (Independent)

Blaine Hardy, 2008, Detroit Tigers (MAJOR LEAGUES)

Michael Robertson, 2009, Cincinnati Reds

Kirk Wetmore, 2009, Cleveland Indians

Ian Parmley, 2010, Toronto Blue Jays (MAJOR LEAGUES)

Seafth Howe, 2010, Grand Prairie Air Hogs (Independent)

Cody Edwards, 2011, Chicago Cubs

Kyle Conwell, 2011, Los Angeles Dodgers

Cory Urquhart, 2011, Evansville Otters (Independent Frontier League)

Adrian Sampson, 2011, Florida Marlins, 2012, Pittsburgh Pirates (AAA), Seattle Mariners (MAJOR LEAGUES), Texas Rangers Chicago Cubs (MAJOR LEAGUES)
Matt Cooper, 2012, Chicago White Sox (AA)

Colin Hering, 2012, Los Angeles Dodgers (A)

Scott Kuzminsky, 2012, Seattle Mariners (AAA)
Alex Ross, 2012, Seattle Mariners

Max Brown, 2013, Arizona Diamondbacks (A) / Australian Professional League
Nick Kiel, 2014, Seattle Mariners (A)

Cody Culp, 2014, Texas Air Hogs (Independent)

Aaron Stroosma, 2014, Seattle Mariners (A)

Noel Gonzalez, 2015, St. Louis Cardinals (A)

Austin Pinorini, 2017, Cleveland Indians (A)

Austin Shenton, 2017, Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays (AA)

Ethan Smith, 2019, Pioneer Baseball League

*currently active professional players with current organization and level of play in italics

Last Updated November 7, 2023