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Degree requirements, for the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Business Management & Technology (BMT) including course options, outcomes, pre-requisites and eligibility, can be found in the Bellevue College catalog page.

An Interdisciplinary Degree Combining Business and Technology

The Bachelor’s of Applied Science (BAS) in Business Management & Technology (BMT) combines business, management, and technology skills, ideal for employability in the Puget Sound region. Employers are reporting high demand for a skill set that integrates an understanding of business with an understanding of technology.

The BMT degree equips students to be more than just a technologist or just a businessperson because the degree includes significant learning in current and evolving technologies and in established theories and practices in the dynamic business and management areas.  

Once accepted into the BMT program, students choose areas of focus. For example, students who want a stronger emphasis on technology may choose IT 330 – Cloud Technologies for Business, while students who want a stronger emphasis on business may choose BATECH 389 – Ecommerce Development Strategy. This is just one example used to show how this unique degree allows students to take courses in the business, management and technology areas that are best suited to their career path.

Completion of the BMT degree offers the student high value, highly compensated employment opportunities in the business and high-tech industries.  The BMT degree prepares students for a variety of job roles including but not limited to Program Manager, Operations Manager, Technical Program Manager, Product Manager, Product Owner, and Project Manager. 

Meet BMT Student Alesia

Meet Alesia, a potential BMT student

Alesia is almost finished with her AAS-T in Software Development, but she wants to continue her education and get her BAS degree as she knows it will make her more employable. Alesia loves technology, but she’s not sure she wants to work day-to-day as a software developer.

In class, Alesia was often the lead on projects – Alesia loved to organize the team, keep them motivated and on schedule. She could see herself working as a Program Manager at one of big tech companies. Alesia decides to pivot and obtain her BAS in Business Management & Technology so she can combine her skills in technology with knowledge of management.

Meet BMT Student Jaden

Meet Jaden, a potential BMT student

Jaden is transferring into Bellevue College with a number of general education credits and some business courses. Jaden wants to get his BAS degree as he knows it is a requirement for some of the jobs he is interested in pursuing. He enjoys business, but he knows he needs to find an area of focus.

Jaden took a programming class and loved it, he enjoys technology, and he could see himself working as a Product Manager at one of big tech companies. Jaden decides to obtain his BAS in Business Management & Technology where he will learn more about the management and lifecycle of technical projects.

Last Updated April 5, 2024