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What Do Students Say About Our Program?

Success Stories from New Students

Waley Lin

Waley attended Bellevue College full-time while working full-time. He graduated from the UW Foster and is a strategy associate working in KPMG’s Deal Advisory practice, focusing on valuation, integration/separations, synergy recognition, and due diligence.

Amelia Eckhardt

Amelia was a Running Start student and the co-president of the Business Leadership Community in 2023-24 and credits her experience leading the student organization with her acceptance into Stanford University.

Yue Zhang

Yue graduated with a Bachelors in Accounting and Business Analytics from Seattle University where she was selected for the prestigious Alfie scholarship. She completed her masters in accounting at the UW Foster School. While at Bellevue College, Yue worked in the Business tutoring center where she had access to many faculty who mentored her. She valued the experience she got from the multicultural consulting course where she worked with a book publisher who focused on slow food. She now works at Big Four accounting firm EY as assurance and transaction diligence staff.

Million Zaid

Million graduated from UW Foster with a BBA in Information Systems. He interned with Amazon and is starting his career with big four accounting firm EY as a technology risk consultant.

Success Stories from Returning Students

Mary Mitchell (left) and Jennifer Wiszniewski

Mary Mitchell and Jennifer Wiszniewski

Mary started at Wiley College and then transferred to the Business Transfer program because she wanted to return to the Seattle area. She went on to graduate from UW Foster and completed a MS in Information Systems. After working at RSM, a midsize accounting firm, she now runs her own consulting firm.

Jennifer had graduated from the UW with a BA in drama but wanted to pursue a career in business. She completed her Associate in Business which prepared her for a Graduate Certificate in Accounting.

Efrain Moreno-Salamanca

Efrain was a political asylee when he attended Bellevue College. Although he attended business school after high school in Colombia, when he came to the US, he had to begin again with a GED. He worked two jobs at Apple and Starbucks while being very active in student clubs at Bellevue College. Efrain transferred to the University of Washington Bothell and continued to work fulltime while he went to school. After graduating he worked as a financial analyst at Boeing and then transitioned over to Amazon Web Services where he has moved up to Enablement Manager for Latin America, Canada and the Caribbean. He recently got his masters degree from Harvard Extension.

Success Stories from International Students

Brandon Ting

Brandon Ting

When Brandon Ting first arrived at Bellevue College, he was placed into English Level 2 for non-English speakers. The subject had been his worst in Taiwan. “They felt sorry for me,” said Ting. “When I arrived, I couldn’t even spell, ‘student,’ but I really wanted to learn!”  

Through an incredible amount of determination and hard work, Ting graduated from Bellevue College and the University of Washington Foster School of Business. In 2010 he explored ramen on the recommendation of a BC classmate. He started Kizuki Ramen and Izakaya based on authentic Japanese ramen. During Covid, Brandon faced more challenge, having to lay-off 200 employees. But he has come back stronger than ever, growing Kizuki to 16 locations throughout the US. His second restaurant chain is Swish Swish, a hot pot genre, is adding a location, and he started his third chain, Supreme Dumpling, by securing one of the best Taiwanese chefs.

Brandon recently received the Model Taiwan and Overseas Entrepreneur award from the President of Taiwan. Started in 1978, it has the longest history of Taiwan’s national awards for entrepreneurship. The award committee vets contestants with high standards on business management, structure, and social responsibility.

Raymond Lin

Raymond Lin graduated from Bellevue College and went on to Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. He is currently the General Manager and Head of Sales for ENGREAT, a company based in Shenzhen China but founded in 1983 in Taiwan. ENGREAT is recognized as a leading manufacturer specializing in high-quality pet grooming tools, offering a full grooming tools range which includes brushes, slickers, combs, clippers, and more. The company sells to major US retailers. 

Clairine Runtung

Clairine Runtung

Clairine earned a BA in Finance & Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington Foster School. She is a recent Class of 2020 graduate of Yale School of Management. She previously worked as a venture capitalist at Convergence Ventures, an early-stage tech venture capital firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She was a project manager at Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB Foundation), an Indonesian-based non-profit organization focusing on education for disadvantaged youth and a management trainee at Franklin Templeton Singapore.  She is passionate about women and youth empowerment, as well as the intersection between technology, social impact and private sectors particularly in the field of consumer products, education, and sustainability.

Khoa Nguyen and Anh Nguyen

Khoa Nguyen graduated from UW Foster and Georgia Tech and is a data engineer at Meta. Anh Nguyen graduated from UW Foster and is a Customer Success Account Manager at Microsoft.

Success Stories from Running Start Students

Sai Vasudevan

Sairam Vasudevan

Sai was a Running Start student who completed all the requirements of his Associate in Business. He was accepted at UW Foster and NYU but settled for the University of Texas Austin. Sai also took the Multicultural Consulting course (BA 241) where he worked with a real entrepreneur developing marketing strategies for his BBQ food truck.

Hear what Sai had to say about his experience in the Business Transfer Program.

Chai Saeyang

Nature's Pantry Student Team

In 2009, Chai (second from left) was a Running Start student who was part of a student consulting team working with a women-owned organic food market. Chai says the experience really helped her build confidence. She went on to graduate from UW Foster and work at Coca Cola as an area district manager. She graduated with her MBA from the Kelley School at the University of Indiana and now works as a senior brand manager at Proctor and Gamble.

Ron Fine

Ron Fine

Ron was an active member of the Business Learning Community when he was a Running Start student in the Business Transfer Program. He graduated from the Kelley School of Business at the University of Indiana which he attended on scholarship. Currently, he works as an investment banking analyst at RBC Capital Markets in New York City.

How Do I Learn More?

We offer many opportunities for learning and making connections in the business community. Learn about the many advantages of spending two years with the Business Admin Transfer program. Contact Leslie Lum llum@bellevuecollege.edu.

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Last Updated July 2, 2024