Business Transfer Students

Our mission is to help our students acquire knowledge and develop skills to achieve their life goals by attaining a two-year Associate in Business degree for transfer to an AACSB* accredited business school to complete a bachelor’s degree.

*AACSB is the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), which accredits less than 5% of the world’s business schools.

Here is a suggested education plan for a Business Transfer Student

Check out the latest advising worksheet to map out your courses.

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1. Earn a two-year Associate in Business from BC

2. Transfer to an AACSB*-accredited school for your final two years and earn a degree in business

3. Begin your career in business

Business Leadership Community Officers at UW Foster Event
Business Leadership Community Officers at UW Foster Event

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business provides quality assurance, business education intelligence, and learning and development services to over 1,850 member organizations and more than 950 accredited business schools worldwide. Most of the top-ranked business schools are AACSB-accredited.

Our mission is to support our students in finding their purpose and close the gap for underserved students.

We have high standards for learning, integrity, and respect for others. We believe in the ability of all our students to meet these standards.

Why Consider the Business Transfer Program at BC?

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We are the biggest in the state

We are the largest Associate in Business program in the state and transfer the most students to the University of Washington business schools. Our students have also transferred to the top universities all over the country.

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Our grads do business and more

Our alumni have jobs at all the major companies including Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Meta, Boeing, TMobile and more. They work as financial analysts, accountants marketing managers, data analysts, systems analysts, and more.

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We connect you with others

The Bellevue College Business Learning Community will connect you with other students, recent alumni in four-year colleges, alumni in major enterprises and other businesses. You will meet business leaders and interface with professional associations.

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You will get real experience

With local government, businesses, and other partners, we are building an entrepreneur ecosystem in which students work with startup businesses. Students help these businesses survive and thrive– growing the economy for our region.

How Do I Get Started with an Associate in Business Degree?

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Receive your ctcLink student ID number

(BC will send to you after processing your application)

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Set up your NetID

This will also create your BC Email

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Get Your English and Math Placement

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Attend New Student Orientation (NSO)

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Choose Classes

Register for your English, Math and INTST 150 classes or arrange an appointment with a Business Transfer advisor to pick the classes you will take first

How Do I Learn More?

We offer many opportunities for learning and making connections in the business community. Take a look at suggested course maps for your first and second year. Learn what it’s like to be a New, Returning, International or Running Start student. Contact Leslie Lum llum@bellevuecollege.edu.