Whether you’re a beginner or a more seasoned shutterbug, we have classes that can help you become a better photographer. Get the shots you want by learning the features and controls of your camera. Explore the rules of composition, and learn when to follow them and when to break them. Get expert help in organizing your shots with Lightroom and enhancing them with Photoshop and Nikon Silver EFX Pro. Discover how to turn mundane scenes into surreal images with high dynamic range photography. Our instructors have the know-how and teaching experience to help amateurs create beautiful photographs to share with friends and family.

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Current Photography Classes

  • Digital Photography I

    Get the photos you want by learning features and controls of your digital camera.   Competencies: Operate and handle a digital camera Demonstrate the use of variables to exposure, such as ISO, shutter speed and aperture Control focus point and... More about Digital Photography I

  • Photographic Composition

    Explore key elements of composition and design.   Competencies: Describe and apply basic principles of composition Critique and select images Demonstrate visual literacy   Regardless of your subject matter, a great photo comes down to the composition.  Explore how to... More about Photographic Composition

  • Photographic Lighting I

    Competencies: Explain light theory, including the qualities of light and the importance of light in composition Apply ambient light principles with still life and shapes Set custom white balance Use camera flash Use speedlight, reflectors and diffusers Learn the facts... More about Photographic Lighting I