Whether you’re a beginner or a more seasoned shutterbug, we have classes that can help you become a better photographer. Get the shots you want by learning the features and controls of your camera. Explore the rules of composition, and learn when to follow them and when to break them. Get expert help in organizing your shots with Lightroom and enhancing them with Photoshop and Nikon Silver EFX Pro. Discover how to turn mundane scenes into surreal images with high dynamic range photography. Our instructors have the know-how and teaching experience to help amateurs create beautiful photographs to share with friends and family.

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Current Photography Classes

  • Larger than life: Macro Photography

    Macro photography is extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects and living organisms like insects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is larger than life size/ More about Larger than life: Macro Photography

  • Adobe Lightroom I

    This introductory class is for digital photographers of all skill levels who wish to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Digital photography is a growing interest in the U.S., but every picture taken means there's more to keep track... More about Adobe Lightroom I

  • Black and White Photography

    Black and white photographs can tell a captivating story without color. Learn how to create a colorless masterpiece in Black and White Photography. By taking this class, you will learn the components that make up a B&W image, how to... More about Black and White Photography

  • Business of Photography: Events and Portraits

    Learn how to launch and upkeep a profitable photography based business. Topics will include structuring your business, client relations, pricing, marketing, managing your brand online and offline, and all the legal aspects of photography. Together we'll create a step-by-step business... More about Business of Photography: Events and Portraits

  • Digital Photography I

    Do you know everything about your camera? Looking to learn how to be a great photographer? By taking this introductory course, you'll learn digital camera operation and photographic fundamentals. Topics include: exposure modes, aperture, shutter speed, flash, histograms and exposure... More about Digital Photography I

  • Digital Photography II

    Build on what you learned in Digital Photography I. In this course, you'll problem solve and practice topics such as white balance, capturing motion, night photography and depth of field. Classroom sessions will be spent learning techniques and shooting strategies... More about Digital Photography II

  • History of Photography

    Every photographer should be familiar with the nearly 200 years of the art that has shaped every photograph made today. Learn the foundations of the medium - technical evolution, milestones, movements, trends, fads and controversies. Become familiar with themes and... More about History of Photography

  • Photographic Composition

    Regardless of your subject matter, a great photo comes down to the composition. Explore how to design the best possible photograph, paying careful attention to the placement of subject, the relationship of the subject to everything else in the frame,... More about Photographic Composition

  • Photographic Portraiture

    Portrait photography is one the most well-known photography styles out there. From weddings, senior pictures, family photos, commercial and editorial photography, portrait photography requires skill, the right equipment and technique to get the best photos. In this course, students will... More about Photographic Portraiture

  • Photography Lighting I

    Become a photographer who knows how to find and create great light. In this course, you'll learn about different types of available and created light, as well as the facts and qualities of light and their effects on your images.... More about Photography Lighting I

  • Street Photography

    Street Photography is the art of capturing the moment of everyday life on the street while making the subject as compelling as possible. In this fun workshop, we will discuss the basic aspects of street photography, optimal camera settings, composition... More about Street Photography

  • Telling Better Stories

    Why is a picture "worth a thousand words?" Because great photographs tell stories. In doing so they make a connection, evoke an emotion, kindle a memory, show a relationship, and provoke a response in the viewer. But to tell a... More about Telling Better Stories