Chem& 140


CHEM& 140 is intended for students who will take CHEM& 161 but have not taken an introductory level chemistry course. It includes a lab component. This course is designed to prepare students for CHEM& 161. Although CHEM& 121 is also an intro-level chem course, it will not allow you to enroll in CHEM& 161 and you will need to take a placement exam.

PREREQUISITES ARE CHECKED. Please make sure you are cleared for prereqs – either you will have taken the prereq courses at BC, or you will need to submit your college transcripts if prereqs were completed at another institution, or take the math placement exam to meet the prereq.  [*If you took CHEM& 139 at another WA State Community or Technical College, please contact the program chair (Jennie Mayer) to enroll directly into CHEM& 161.]

Course Materials

A workbook is required for this course which contains practice materials and lab activities. You can buy a copy from the bookstore. The answer key to the workbook is here: CHEM&140 Workbook Key F2019

The textbook is optional for this course. Here are some recommended resources you can access for free:

A reference text. We recommend Libre Text’s Textbook Map to Tro’s Introductory Chemistry. Or you can also use: OpenStax Chemistry text (free), the Boundless Chemistry blog, or Mark Bishop’s Introductory Chemistry, Atoms First ($20 suggested donation).
***A hardcopy of the Bishop text is available at the BC Bookstore or can be purchased from the author’s website for $70.***



Last Updated September 20, 2019