Chem& 131

About this course:

This course is intended as an introductory level organic and biochemistry course, usually for allied-health majors (nursing, nutrition, physical therapy, etc.) Some students are required to take CHEM& 121 and CHEM& 131 (2 quarters) to fulfill their chemistry requirement. Others only need one quarter – just CHEM& 121. Some schools may require a 3-quarter series (CHEM& 121/122/123) but we do not offer CHEM& 122/123 at BC. As of Fall 2017, this course does not include metabolism so if your program specifically requires this, we recommend you take the course at another institution (check with advising or the chem department at the institution you want to attend). It is highly recommended that you contact advising to decide if you need this course or not!

This course builds on general chemistry (CHEM& 121). If it’s been a while since you took chemistry, we highly recommend that you review atomic structure, molecular bonding, intermolecular forces before you take this class. This course is highly dependent on concepts rather than calculations.


Periodic Table
List of Polyatomic Ions
Lab Safety Rules
Lab Safety Worksheet
Taking Measurements
Chemical Resources About Hazards


Nomenclature worksheet
Terpene worksheet

Brett’s Past Exams:

131 Exam #1
131 Exam #2
131 Exam #3
131 Final Exams

Lab Experiments:

Molecular Models
Physical Properties of Organic Compounds
Analysis of Functional Groups using Infrared Spectroscopy
Microscale Preparation of Aspirin
Preparation of Banana Oil
Protein analysis lab
Paper Chromatography
Gas Chromatography

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