Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which chemistry course should I take?
Answer: It depends on your goals and interests. We recommend you speak to a science advisor and refer to the BC Chemistry Advising Flow Chart.

Question: What if I’m blocked from registration? How do I enroll?
Answer: Some of our courses require math or chemistry prerequisites. If you took the classes from another college (or got a passing score on the AP/IB exam), you may get cleared through a prerequisite check. If you took the courses in high school, or don’t have any other proof, you will need to take a placement exam.

Question: I took high school chemistry, an intro chem course at another college, or CHEM& 140 at BC. Why am I blocked from CHEM& 161 General Chemistry?
Answer: We require two prerequisites for CHEM& 161. You need to have completed MATH& 141 (pre-calculus) or enroll in it with CHEM& 161 (concurrent enrollment). If you took pre-calculus in high school, you should take the math placement exam. If you took pre-calculus at another college, you may submit your transcript to get this cleared. You also need to have a chemistry placement exam to ensure you have an adequate chemistry background.

Question: I need a copy of a syllabus from a course I took at BC. Who do I contact?
Answer: You may contact the Chemistry Department / Physical Sciences Chair, Jennie Mayer (jmayer at

Question: I have some issues communicating with my instructor. Or I have problems in my chemistry class. Who can I go to?
Answer: You may contact the Chemistry Department / Physical Sciences Chair, Jennie Mayer (jmayer at

Question: I really enjoy taking chemistry. How do I get more involved?
Answer: We have a chem club and other clubs which support students interested in STEM.

Question: What careers are available in chemistry?
Answer: Talk to your chemistry instructor and check out this resource from the American Chemical Society:

Question: I am really struggling with chemistry. Where can I get help?
Answer: The best thing you can do is ask your instructor for additional help and resources – let them know you are struggling and try to attend office hours. There is also a Science Study Center which is staffed by faculty/tutors in most science disciplines. We also have an Academic Success Center with one-on-one and group tutoring available. Check this site for more details:

Last Updated February 20, 2022