Faculty & Staff

Darrell Haynes Picture

Darrell Haynes

Interim Associate Dean of Basic & Transitional Studies & ELI

Jay Aller Picture

Jay Aller

ELIUP Instructor

Ethan Anderson Picture

Ethan Anderson

Associate Professor

Ivan Breen Picture

Ivan Breen

Department Chair & Associate Professor

Krista Capodanno Picture

Krista Capodanno

ELIUP Instructor

Ana Carson Picture

Ana Carson

ELIUP Instructor

Rob Fieser Picture

Rob Fieser

Assistant Professor

Ahmad Ghashmari Picture

Ahmad Ghashmari

Associate Professor of English Studies

Rebecca  Hagensen Picture

Rebecca Hagensen

ELIUP/IBP Instructor

Aseel Kanakri Picture

Aseel Kanakri

ELIUP Instructor

Ariya Kilpatrick Picture

Ariya Kilpatrick

ELI Instructor

Renee Tinsley Picture

Renee Tinsley

ELIUP Instructor

Cynthia Weintraub Picture

Cynthia Weintraub

Associate Professor