Estimate of Tuition, Fees & Living Expenses

 College-Level, Int'l HS Completion, Intensive ESLBachelor ProgramsInternational Business Professions IBP
ExpensesQuarter (3 months)Academic Year (9 months)Quarter (3 months)Academic Year (9 months)12 months

$2,991(for Intensive ESL)

$8,974(for Intensive ESL)
Mandatory Medical Insurance$423$1,269$423$1,269$1,692
Books & Supplies$314$942$314$942$1,256
Computer / Other Fees$144

$116(for Intensive ESL)

$284(for Intensive ESL)
Metro Bus Pass$120$360$120$360$480
Room & Board (Not paid to BC)$3,758$11,274$3,758$11,274$15,032
Miscellaneous (Not paid to BC)$838$2,514$838$2,514$3,352
Total (Estimated)$9,513

$8,560(for Intensive ESL)

$25,617(for Intensive ESL)
Required Amount shown on Bank Statement for I-20$26,604$35,959$34,646

Important Notes:

1. About Tuition:
These amounts are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Students should be prepared for any adjustments in expenses.
  • Tuition and fees are due on the College’s established due dates at Failure to make a complete payment by the set due date may result in classes to be dropped for non-payment and be assessed a drop fee each time.
  • BC accepts payment by VISA, MasterCard, money orders, U.S.-based bank’s personal check, cash, a bank wire transfer and the Nelnet Full plan.  BC’s international students are not eligible for the Nelnet installment payment. For wire transfer information, please contact

2. About Insurance:
Visit the BC-Foundation arranged medical insurance page for more detailed information.  (Medical insurance page contents will be updated soon.)

Last Updated August 24, 2021