David Lopez-Kopp Picture

David Lopez-Kopp

English Instructor


David earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology, with an emphasis on gender studies and relationship violence, from State University of New York at Stony Brook, and a master’s degree in English, with an emphasis on composition studies and literature, from Northern Arizona University. Additionally, he holds an advanced certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

David piloted an accelerated learning program for students who placed into pre-college English, allowing them to advance into college-level classes more quickly to improve success rates. He was part of the team that brought a nationally-renowned education expert to campus to introduce faculty to instructional models that help the most vulnerable student populations. He developed the curriculum for a brand-new course on Latino American writers, and worked with the campus student group El Centro Latino to promote it. David has led and participated in many campus workshops and presentations devoted to equity and pluralism – he’s a facilitator of the “Let’s Talk About Race” professional development workshops. And he has worked with the Disability Resource Center to establish courses in the Autism Spectrum Navigators program.

lrg group 3aDavid is consistently praised on all aspects of his teaching by many of his students, with several calling him the best instructor they have ever had. David’s faculty colleagues commend him for the wide range of abilities he brings to the position, and his respect for students, faculty and staff. Those who have observed him in teaching situations unanimously agree that they are able to learn much from his teaching style, classroom management, curriculum design and interpersonal skills. Dean Maggie Harada says David is, in her words, “one of the most talented and dedicated instructors I’ve ever come across.” He’s not just passionate about the subject matter, but also about the subject of effective instruction.

David Kopp in class_aDavid was drawn to Bellevue College because of its dedication to helping students succeed with quality instruction. “Students are my number one priority, and when I interviewed for the position here, that focus was very apparent,” he says. Additionally, he likes the vibrancy of the students and the supportive environment, where faculty is encouraged to grow and innovate. David goes out of his way to support his students in any way he can, and enjoys seeing the positive transformations in their lives. “It’s one of the most rewarding aspects of my job, to help my students undertake their journeys. It’s life changing for me, too, because I grow just as my students grow. I definitely feed off their passions, dreams and energies,” he says