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Donna Miguel

English Instructor & Arts and Humanities Division Assistant Dean


Kumusta! My name is Donna Miguel, and I teach various types of reading/writing classes: pre-college, college and advanced composition, research writing, technical writing, literature classes, accelerated composition courses, and an Interdisciplinary class (English and Ethnic and Cultural Studies). As a proud Filipina-American born to immigrant parents, my experiences and learned knowledge of racial literacy and gender inequities allow me to integrate issues of empowerment, intersectionality, privilege and power in my classes.

Work that I am enjoying is co-coordinating the accelerated learning program with a great colleague. After piloting the first accelerated classes in 2013, we are now coordinating a successful program that promotes high challenge/high support instruction that moves away from a deficiency-based model.  Rather than pre-requisites, the accelerated 101 courses are built on a strength-based “co-requisite” structure that provides an equitable learning environment for students transitioning through the English sequence. All facets of education should be accessible, and I continue striving to provide that for our students. I’m blessed to be in a career that I love, feel passionate about, and with colleagues who are dedicated in providing a holistic environment that puts the entire student at the center of the educational process.

My current research focuses on how cultural taxation impacts health, especially for people of color and women, and on the radical act of self-care that is necessary for self-preservation, especially for women of color in higher education. I hope to continue and add to this body of knowledge and implement findings to my work at the college in and outside of the classroom

What do I do in my free time? I spend time with my family and friends, read as much as possible, pretend that I’m an advanced gardener (planting veggies/fruits in containers for my small front patio), continue to avoid organizing my garage, and of course, cheer for the Seahawks. GO HAWKS!

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