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Lindsay Haney, Ph.D


I teach a wide range of composition classes at BC (especially English 201, 101, 093, 271, and 235) as well as occasional literature classes. In the classroom, I’m most excited about demystifying academic practices (including big things like research writing, or smaller things like deciding on an argument) and making sure all students can see how their interests and experiences can inform their academic life (and vice versa). In my classes, you should expect to bring your own tastes and ideas, and to make them stronger by testing and flexing them. We’ll also probably have a chance to write and think about music, TV, movies, or other elements of popular culture and media.

I came to BC as an adjunct instructor in English in 2014. Before that, I attended Shoreline Community College and the University of Washington, and earned my M.A. from Boston College and Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame. My research is on gender, performance, and national identity in contemporary Irish literature and culture, which (believe it or not) does a lot to inform my approach to race, equity, allyship, culture, and education.
Outside the classroom, I have advised the Phi Theta Kappa program and Korean Student Association, and I was faculty chair of the Reading Lab. I have also been active in BC’s Governance system since its inception in 2016, serving as Infrastructure Council chair for two years, College Assembly secretary for a year, and Assembly chair for 2018-2019.