Am I A Reading Instructor?

Faculty Development

(The answer is, Yes!)  Reading Apprenticeship Basics

Have you had students who struggled with the content of your course and you wondered if their reading comprehension skills played a role? Have you ever thought about how you, an expert in your discipline, make sense of the literature in your field? Reading Apprenticeship (RA) bridges the experience of the novice and expert reader into an equity-based framework for instructors across academic disciplines by incorporating reading comprehension into their teaching methods. RA is a data-proven approach for instructors of ALL subjects to increase student completion rates.

In this 3-session workshop, we will cover the following:

  • How to recognize and model for students the reading strategies you use as an expert reader in your subject area
  • How to engage students in understanding their own thinking processes—the power of metacognition
  • How to help students talk about the process of reading discipline-specific texts– to help expose and solve comprehension issues
  • How to include reading instruction as a safe, meaningful support to your content area


Location: D104E | 10 PD Hours – 10 seats | $100 stipend*

On ground: Thursdays, Jan.17, 31, and Feb. 14, 1:30-3:30 p.m.

Register now!

For more information, contact Timothy Chang (, ABE/HSC FT Faculty or Margi Goertz (,ABE/HSC PT Faculty



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Last Updated March 25, 2019