Face to Face

Teaching Talks for Adjunct Faculty

Teaching Conversations

Curious to know what other instructors are doing in their on-ground or online classes? Would you like to get some fresh ideas and experiment with them in your class? Join us for this Teaching Talks this winter to discover new ideas with colleagues. There will be two great presentations, designed particularly for adjunct faculty to ...more about Teaching Talks for Adjunct Faculty

Benefits 200


Join Gretchen Bird and Sue Nightingale in this informational session about benefits! You may already know about your healthcare benefit options, but do you know about DCAP? FSA? LTD? Tuition waivers? Bookstore discounts? Deferred Compensation? The Summer Childcare Subsidy? Curious about the different types of leave, “averaging” and/or the upcoming paid family medical leave? There ...more about Benefits 200

Keeping our Passion Glowing


Join Psychology Faculty, Deepti Karkhanis, and BC Counselor, Yu-ting Su to re-ignite our passions! Recent research shows that the majority of teachers find work stressful, and a good portion of them experience burnout (Herman et al. 2017; American Federation of Teachers, 2017). The insidious nature of burnout makes it difficult for us to recognize it ...more about Keeping our Passion Glowing

A Perfect Moral Storm

Picture of the book perfect moral storm

  The climate crisis presents a perfect moral storm: It is a serious ethical challenge that requires us to face difficult questions, both as individuals and as members of a societal system that provides little ethical guidance on the matter. The crisis is global in scale, affects future generations and people not yet born, and ...more about A Perfect Moral Storm

Asian American Studies 101

Students learning

All Faculty and Staff are Welcome to Participate! Do you know that Asian America consists of 24 distinctive groups with different languages, cultural practices, religious beliefs, political affiliations and migration histories? Do you know that Asians were the first undocumented immigrants in this country? Do you know that Asian Americans are the least likely group ...more about Asian American Studies 101

Supporting Survivors in the Classroom


This two-session workshop will explore how you can respond to and support student survivors of sexual and domestic violence in your classroom. We will look at trauma-informed strategies for working with students and for creating a safer learning space. We’ll also discuss faculty’s responsibility for reporting incidents and how to communicate that role to students, ...more about Supporting Survivors in the Classroom

Preparing for the Interview

Job Interview

  This 2-session workshop focuses on preparing for a college faculty interview. You’ve made the first cut, and maybe even the second! Now you are called in for the interview. An interview for a full-time faculty position may include a variety of components: a campus tour, a meet and greet of potential colleagues, a timed ...more about Preparing for the Interview