Face to Face

Preparing for the Interview

Fall 2017 New Faculty Orientation

Sue Nightingale leads this new workshop focusing on preparing for a college faculty interview. You’ve made the first cut, and maybe even the second! Now you are called in for the interview. An interview for a full-time faculty position may include a variety of components: a campus tour, a meet and greet of potential colleagues, …more about Preparing for the Interview

Deeper Impact: Working with Community & Industry Partners on Projects


Project-based learning builds student engagement by asking students to grapple with real-world issues and create products that are similar to the types of work they might do after graduation. But how might you take the next step and engage community and industry partners in your courses? How do you have students move from creating sample deliverables …more about Deeper Impact: Working with Community & Industry Partners on Projects

Writing Your Diversity Statement 


Do you have a Diversity Statement? Could you articulate it in writing? What about in an in-person interview? A Diversity Statement is often a requirement for tenure-track teaching jobs (and increasingly for adjunct teaching jobs as well) and being able to clearly articulate your commitment to diversity and equity is also important for promotional purposes. …more about Writing Your Diversity Statement 

Educational Equity Workshop

Team work

Educational Equity (EEQ) is a partnership between the Office of Equity and Pluralism, Office of Academic Affairs, and the Faculty Commons. As part of the collective bargaining agreement between Administration and the Bellevue College Association of Higher Education (BCAHE), all candidates for tenure are required to attend and participate in the EEQ training (see faculty …more about Educational Equity Workshop

March, by John Lewis

Facilitated by History professor Michael Pulido and Librarian Elena Maans, this interactive book club will discuss the graphic novel series March as well as the Civil Rights Movement and its legacies. We will also read and watch primary and secondary sources that complement the events depicted in March. Participants will come away from the book …more about March, by John Lewis

Teaching Square: Climate Justice

Polar bear in a melting iceberg

Sign up by April 5 to allow the facilitator time to plan the first meeting. This teaching square will help participants hone their knowledge of climate justice issues and, with support, teach one aspect of climate justice and climate change in an existing course. This may range from spending 5 – 10 minutes teaching one …more about Teaching Square: Climate Justice

Teaching Squares – An Opportunity to Observe and Reflect


Registration closes April 10 so the group can begin planning for the 3 meeting dates during the quarter. Zoom remote participation will be an option for those meeting dates. Spring quarter, you can join fellow faculty members to observe and share reflections with one another in this non-evaluative process called a ‘Teaching Square.’ A Teaching …more about Teaching Squares – An Opportunity to Observe and Reflect

Implementing Positive Psychology in the Classroom

Join us as we delve into Martin E.P. Seligman’s exciting book Flourish, which turns the medical model of psychology on its head by focusing on amplifying well-being as opposed to the disease model of relieving suffering. We’ll examine the research behind the PERMA model, which identifies five areas that are important to human flourishing – positive …more about Implementing Positive Psychology in the Classroom