Face to Face

Digital Note-Taking for the Busy Educator (NEW)

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Are you ready to tame your inbox, toss your sticky notes, and level up your organization game? This workshop is designed to introduce participants to Obsidian, a cutting-edge note-taking and knowledge management tool that revolutionizes the way information is captured, organized, and interconnected. It is a free and widely-used platform that leverages the concept of ...more about Digital Note-Taking for the Busy Educator (NEW)

American Deaf Culture

Join Valentino Vasquez, American Sign Language Instructor, to explore why and how Deaf people identify as members of a cultural and linguistic minority group in America. This 80-min. workshop is an ideal opportunity for participants to learn more about the ideology of Deaf people and become an ally. Tuesday, April 16th, 2:00 – 3:20 p.m., ...more about American Deaf Culture

NoonFit: Flex, Function & Form

People in workout clothes standing in a circle stretching.

Join in for a rotating variety of fluid stretches, mindful movement and mobility, workplace posture and stress reduction. Choose one 30-minute window or stay for the full hour, and you'll see a boost to your body and mood. We will focus on Flexibility, Functional Movement and Safe Form so you can take realistic steps to ...more about NoonFit: Flex, Function & Form

Mighty Morning Fitness

Woman in workout clothes with hands up at sun rise.

Each workout we will incorporate a mix of cardio intervals, strength training, and functional movement exercises while enjoying the social boost of working out together. We gain many exercise benefits, including improved bone density, increased metabolism, muscle toning, heart health, improved posture and balance, and reduced risk of injury while providing mental and emotional benefits ...more about Mighty Morning Fitness

Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Unemployment Insurance Benefits

If you are an adjunct faculty, you may be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits at the end of the quarter! Come to this workshop to determine your eligibility and learn how to file for benefits. Come to this workshop to determine your eligibility and learn how to file for benefits. Open to BCAHE members.   Thursday, ...more about Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Breaking Bread with Colleagues 


Do you eat behind your computer? Do you wonder what your colleague across campus has been up to? Would you like to meet with people in a relaxing way? Let’s connect in the Faculty Commons over lunch. This lunchtime is for us to build community while fueling up for our busy day. The Faculty Commons has a kitchen ...more about Breaking Bread with Colleagues 



Join Emmanuel Irizarry-Soto of The Nature Conservancy in the U.S. Virgin Islands; Archana Alwar, native Puerto Rican, and Nancy Lane, Science for a dialogue focused on the multiple threats faced from the Caribbean to the Pacific Northwest.   Discover transformational ways to incorporate issues into the classroom.       Faculty Commons (D104H) Special Event! April ...more about MO-’FONGO…..HEE-BAH-REE-TOE…..KO-KI-TAU

Language and Community: A Literary Discussion Group


Facilitated by English faculty, Nan Ma, this literature reading group for faculty in any and all disciplines meets once a month for an hour to discuss short stories, poetry, and essays that are chosen by group members. Some writers discussed in the past include Amy Hempel, Lydia Davis, Grace Paley, Ocean Vuong, Beidao, and Cesar Vallejo.  Literature offers nuanced ways for understanding ...more about Language and Community: A Literary Discussion Group

Teaching Square: Interdisciplinary Sustainability


This teaching square allows faculty to gain interdisciplinary perspectives on sustainability and insight from other faculty while integrating sustainability into their teaching. To start, we will review basic sustainability principles and interdisciplinary perspectives on this issue. With the support of other faculty, participants implement a sustainability lesson into one of their own courses. Conversations with ...more about Teaching Square: Interdisciplinary Sustainability

Teaching Square: Classroom Management


Gain ideas for managing your classes by forming a quarter-long peer group and observing three colleagues’ classes. Sara Gardner of the Autism Spectrum Navigators Program is facilitating this workshop with her expert knowledge of supporting students with a variety of disabilities. Previous participation in our Classroom Management workshop is recommended, but not required. 10 PD Hours ...more about Teaching Square: Classroom Management