Face to Face

How to Read Your Paycheck


Curious what all those deductions are for? Wondering who OASI is and why they take a chunk of your paycheck? There have been many questions about how to read paychecks.  Particularly, for faculty, it gets really confusing as they may be compensated for attending PD or working on projects and other special assignments. Sue Nightingale …more about How to Read Your Paycheck

White Fragility – Book Club

white fragility

Facilitated by Christina Sciabarra (Center for Career Connections and Social Science) and Rachel Wellman (Title IX), this book club is designed to allow faculty to read about, reflect on and discuss the concept of “white fragility.” Faculty from all disciplines are welcome as we will discuss the different ways in which the discomfort of talking …more about White Fragility – Book Club

Accommodations Unwrapped

hearing impaired

Sara Gardner, Program Director of Autism Spectrum Navigators, a student success program of the Center for Career Connections, brings a rich history of creating and implementing accommodations in a variety of settings, including as faculty in college autism cohort classes, where every student has multiple accommodations. Sara is a disability expert who is dedicated to …more about Accommodations Unwrapped



Location: D104E | Mondays January 7 – March 18 | 1:00 – 1:30 p.m. These sessions use an ancient Chinese health care regimen, Wu Qin Xi, which ties together posture, breathing, and focus. This practice can help maintain health, heal bodies, calm minds, and reconnect with our spirit.   You’ll leave the room relaxed and re-energized! …more about Meditation

BC Faculty & Staff Choir


Building on the highly successful spring experience, we invite you to join the BC Faculty Choir! We will be meeting every other Friday starting on January 11, from 2:30–3:20 p.m.  Aimee Hong, our own Bellevue College Class Voice and Concert Choir Instructor, will be leading us in music in preparation of a concert performance at …more about BC Faculty & Staff Choir

Stress Reduction Techniques


We live in an age of chronic stress. Juggling the competing priorities of work, family, health, finances, and relationships can have us on edge a lot of the time. After a while, we get used to feeling stressed and it becomes our new normal. There’s a price to pay for being chronically stressed out – …more about Stress Reduction Techniques

Move Those Muscles!


Have a gym but no personal trainer? Have no gym but want guidance on what to buy for home? Learn tips and techniques to design your own fitness plan that includes strength, cardio, and flexibility (based on your goals.) Templates for workouts will be provided and different exercise equipment techniques will be touched on!     Tuesday, …more about Move Those Muscles!

Back Fit

Medicine ball

We got your back!  A healthy, pain-free back contributes to overall well-being. Learn how to strengthen, stretch, and increase the mobility of back supporting muscles. Learn tips and techniques for core activation and proper workplace sitting. We will also learn to use essential tools like bands and foam rollers. Join us, you’ll be glad you did!     Faculty Commons …more about Back Fit