Face to Face

Contract Conversations – Class Caps, Per Head and Over-Enrolled Classes


Come talk to your union representatives about the faculty contract. This quarter’s conversation will begin with information on what your rights are when a class is under or over-enrolled and what you need to know to make a good decision. Bring questions and ideas on this and other topics!       May 13, 12:30 ...more about Contract Conversations – Class Caps, Per Head and Over-Enrolled Classes

Stress Reduction Techniques


We live in an age of chronic stress. Juggling the competing priorities of work, family, health, finances, and relationships can have us on edge a lot of the time. After a while, we get used to feeling stressed and it becomes our new normal. There’s a price to pay for being chronically stressed out – ...more about Stress Reduction Techniques

Move Those Muscles!


Have a gym but no personal trainer? Have no gym but want guidance on what to buy for home? Learn tips and techniques to design your own fitness plan that includes strength, cardio, and flexibility (based on your goals.) Templates for workouts will be provided and different exercise equipment techniques will be touched on!     Tuesday, ...more about Move Those Muscles!

Spring 2018 New Faculty Orientation


For our new faculty beginning to teach Spring Quarter 2018, we are now offering our New Faculty Orientations at the end of winter quarter! We want our new faculty to feel supported and ready to go before their first quarter begins. Topics include Intro to Canvas, the syllabus, Outlook, the podium, parking stickers, printing, Title ...more about Spring 2018 New Faculty Orientation

Mid-Term Evaluations and Other Ways to Gather Feedback on the Class and Teaching Approach


We are on Week # 5 and we are wondering how we are doing as teachers. We can gather feedback from students in different ways for students to self-reflect and for us to know our teaching strategies are working or we need to make some changes.       Faculty Commons | Wednesday, May 2, ...more about Mid-Term Evaluations and Other Ways to Gather Feedback on the Class and Teaching Approach

Brown Bag: Using Technology to Improve Student Learning


We just started the quarter and we may have students that are anxious and nervous. Do you know we can reduce class anxiety by connecting with your students using Canvas?   Wednesday, April 4, 11 a.m. -12 p.m. D104E For more information, contact Archana Alwar, (aalwar@bellevuecollege.edu), Adjunct Mentoring Lead.

Faculty Choir


This spring, the Faculty Commons will be offering a special community building opportunity for Faculty, the BC Faculty Choir!  We will be meeting every other Friday starting on April 13th from 2:30-3:20pm   Aimee Hong, our own Bellevue College Class Voice and Concert Choir Instructor, will be leading us in music in preparation to a concert ...more about Faculty Choir

Breaking Bread with Colleagues 


Do you eat behind your computer? Do you wonder what your colleague across campus has been up to? Would you like to meet with people in a relaxing way? Let’s connect in the Faculty Commons over lunch. This lunchtime is for us to build community while fueling up for our busy day. The Faculty Commons has a kitchen ...more about Breaking Bread with Colleagues 



Join Emmanuel Irizarry-Soto of The Nature Conservancy in the U.S. Virgin Islands; Archana Alwar, native Puerto Rican, and Nancy Lane, Science for a dialogue focused on the multiple threats faced from the Caribbean to the Pacific Northwest.   Discover transformational ways to incorporate issues into the classroom.       Faculty Commons (D104H) Special Event! April ...more about MO-’FONGO…..HEE-BAH-REE-TOE…..KO-KI-TAU

Language and Community: A Literary Discussion Group


Facilitated by English faculty, Nan Ma, this literature reading group for faculty in any and all disciplines meets once a month for an hour to discuss short stories, poetry, and essays that are chosen by group members. Some writers discussed in the past include Amy Hempel, Lydia Davis, Grace Paley, Ocean Vuong, Beidao, and Cesar Vallejo.  Literature offers nuanced ways for understanding ...more about Language and Community: A Literary Discussion Group