Asian Americans: From Self-Determination to Solidarity Work

Post-workshop Smiles: Asian-American Studies participants

This interactive workshop provides a broad overview of the diverse experiences and challenges faced by Asian American communities.  Key topics will include the inception of ethnic studies and Asian American studies, the history of anti-Asian violence, linguistic discrimination, Asian American mental health, the model minority myth, racial triangulation, and cross-racial solidarity. 

Asian and Asian American students make up 26% of our student population at BC.  Given that Asian Americans historically have been positioned against other communities of color, particularly African American and Black communities, gaining insight into the racialized experience of Asian Americans will not only equip faculty, staff, and administrators to better understand and serve our Asian and Asian American students, but will also help us to develop a nuanced understanding of the relationships among different racial groups. 

4 Wednesdays 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. Polysynchronous: In-person on Jan. 17 & Feb. 7 and on Zoom Jan. 24 & 31, plus Canvas Assignments 

10 PD Hours (6 synchronous hours and 4 independent hours) and 

$250 stipend for faculty attending 3 of 4 sessions and completing final deliverable 

14 seats: Register today! 

For questions, contact Nan Man (English).

Last Updated January 16, 2024