Faculty Development



*Stipends are back! Most workshops offer the opportunity to earn a stipend. Each workshop is unique in its scope. The workshops with a stipend available may include such activities as scholarly reading, reflective writing, curriculum revision, lesson planning, classroom observations, or presentations. Stipends are tied to deliverables not hours. To receive the stipend, participants must successfully complete the course and its activities, as well as provide feedback in the form of a course evaluation. Faculty may take the workshop more than once but will receive a stipend only once per workshop.

Quarterly Workshops

The Faculty Commons offers a variety of interactive workshops every quarter. We develop a mix of on-ground, hybrid, online, and remote-accessible offerings to meet the variety of needs of our faculty.

Our workshops are designed to help Bellevue College faculty think creatively about their teaching and make valuable, innovative changes in the classroom. Workshops focus on scholarly research about teaching, learning, the assessment that meets the demands of teaching at Bellevue College.

Our workshops are facilitated by Bellevue College faculty members, staff, or community guest presenters. We encourage and support faculty who have never led a workshop to design a new offering and try it out. We also seek out people in our community who might bring a special perspective to facilitate a workshop for us. We engage with different areas around the Bellevue College campus that have staff who have creative ideas for leading faculty in a quarterly workshop.


Popular Workshops in 2018

  • Classroom Management Strategies
  • Gamification
  • Language and Community: A Literary Discussion Group
  • Online Teaching Best Practices
  • Proven Retention Strategies
  • Preparing for the First Day of Class – A series including quarterly themes: UDL, Inclusion, and Positive Classroom Climate

Teaching Squares

You may have heard about them, or even been a part of one before! They’re fun, engaging, collaborative, and meaningful. A Teaching Square is a group of four faculty members ideally from different disciplines who work together to explore their teaching. Teaching Squares are designed to improve teaching skills and build community through a positive process of classroom observation and shared reflection. They run the full quarter to allow for deep engagement.

Participants meet 2-3 times per quarter as a cohort and observe each other’s classes. A facilitator will provide literature on the theme of your Teaching Square and guide you through the process.

2017-2018 Teaching Square Themes

  • Fall 2017: Online Teaching Squares, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Diversity
  • Winter 2018: Building Community in Your Classroom, Preparing for Your Official Classroom Observation
  • Spring 2018: Classroom Management, Encouraging Self-regulated Learning, Interdisciplinary Sustainability

Brown Bags

Every quarter, the Faculty Commons holds 5-10 brown bag lunch sessions. Each session focuses on important topics in teaching, learning, and assessment. Participants are encouraged to bring food and their colleagues to engage in conversation about critical topics in education. Come to the Faculty Commons for lunch and dialogue! All faculty and staff are welcome.


Winter and Spring 2018 Topics

  • Assessing Your Classroom Climate
  • Work/Life Balance
  • End of the Quarter Self-Reflection
  • How to Talk with a Student Who Might be Struggling with Drug/Alcohol Use
  • Mid-Term Evaluations and Other Ways to Gather Feedback on the Class and Teaching Approach
  • Using Technology to Improve Student Learning
  • Mid-Term Evaluations and Other Ways to Gather Feedback on the Class and Teaching Approach

Last Updated June 25, 2018