Associate Degrees

Students interested in the healthcare management field seeking to start or further their career have several options to earn an associates degree here at Bellevue College! These programs provide applicable skills and knowledge to prepare students for a career in healthcare management and continued education into bachelor level programs. Check out each degree and certificate option available here at Bellevue College! If there is an option you do not see listed and believe it should satisfy the prerequisites, Contact Us.

Associate in Applied Science – Accounting

The Associate in Applied Science-Transfer Accounting degree is designed for the dual purpose of immediate employment and preparation for the junior year in a Washington state bachelor of applied science (BAS) degree program. The degree provides a strong background in accounting, preparing students for a wide range of career options in the accounting field and has the option to earn national certifications as well as several embedded program certificates, while earning the degree.

Associate in Applied Science – Allied Health

The Associate of Applied Science – Transfer degree (AAS-T), with Allied Health focus; combines any of the Allied Health certificate programs with college based general education requirements and electives in order to achieve an associates degree at Bellevue College. Additionally, degree completion demonstrates to future employers your dedication to healthcare, the ability to complete a more rigorous program, and a desire to move forward in healthcare.

Associate in Business DTA

Students in the Business Transfer Program can earn a two-year business degree (Associate in Business) and transfer to state public universities to complete a bachelors degree in business.

Associate in Applied Science – Business Management

The AAS-Transfer in Business Management provides a strong background to enhance existing business skills and obtain broad based knowledge of business management in the manufacturing, retail, and service industries. This program also promotes success in both profit and non-profit organizations for a competitive edge in today’s business climate.

Associate in Arts – Business Technology

The Business Technology Systems AA degree includes emphasis in office management, advanced software skills, web marketing, human resources, bookkeeping, database and sustainable business practices. Positions include office manager, executive and administrative assistant, office assistant, web marketing specialist, desktop publisher, database specialist, coordinator and planner, bookkeeper and human resource assistant.

Associate in Arts – Imaging Sciences

If you are interested in becoming a healthcare imaging professional before obtaining your bachelors degree, you will need to begin with an Associate in Arts degree in radiologic technology, diagnostic ultrasound, radiation therapy, or nuclear medicine. If you’re looking for entry-level training in one of those professions, you will need to begin with that associate degree program and earn a national certification prior to applying to the HCML bachelors program. For more information regarding the associate degrees available at Bellevue College, contact the program you are most interested in directly.

Associate in Science (Track 1)

Students interested in a pre-med route are encouraged to complete an Associates in Science: Track 1 (Biological/Environmental/Resources, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences). This 90-credit Associates degree prepares students to continue on in advanced science majors or healthcare focused degrees.

Last Updated April 23, 2021