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Learn about what your student record includes and how Bellevue College posts grades.

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Student Records

Your student record includes all information Bellevue College collects from you, or creates for you starting at the time of your admission to the college through your graduation or completion of your program. Student records include paper files and documents held in college offices, and electronic records, including those in our student database.

Student records do not include information collected or created based on individual counseling sessions provided by our Counseling Center, and records related to law enforcement, which includes our Public Safety Office.

Student Grades

We post final class grades to your transcript the week after the quarter ends. We do not mail grades to students. Access your grades by viewing your unofficial transcript.

The college requires you to maintain a minimum academic standard as a condition of continued attendance, but also provides opportunities for students to obtain Academic Renewal, and to repeat classes as a way to improve academic standing.

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