Welcome to International Education and Global Initiatives!

Bellevue College is the proud recipient of the 2004 Senator Paul Simon Award for exemplary campus Internationalization. This accomplishment underscores our values as a college and highlights the decade-long effort by Bellevue faculty, administrators, and staff to pursue the goals of Internationalization the process of integrating an international, intercultural, and/or a global dimension into the service functions of the college.

Bellevue College has maintained its place among the top 20 international-hosting community colleges in the nation. Bellevue has benefit from its diverse community and the support of the administration and the Board of Trustees. As a result Bellevue has decided to consolidate and extend its progress to pursue a new vision for comprehensive international education that integrates an international dimension into our teachings, activities, and administration with the aim of becoming a regional center for international education and global initiatives.

International Education

  1. International Recruitment
  2. International F-1 Students Admission and Outreach
  3. Academic and Immigration Services
  4. International Business Profession Program
  5. International High School Completion
  6. International Students Resources Services (Housing, Health Insurance, Activities, Club Activities, etc.)

Global Initiatives

  1. J-1 Exchange programs: J-1 Exchange Students and J-1 Exchange Scholars in these categories: Professor, Research Scholar, Short-term Scholar, and Specialist.
  2. Study Abroad
  3. International Strategic Partnerships
  4. Development Programs for Faculty and Staff