Bachelor of Applied Arts Interior Design

This CIDA-accredited BAA degree provides a learning environment based on a strong foundation of creative problem-solving. The curriculum helps students gain insight into historical and current strategies in order to achieve technological, sustainable and socially relevant solutions for interior environments. Multi-disciplinary studios help students focus their interests while learning from experts in the professional field. This creates opportunities for highly collaborative student-faculty-industry relationships throughout the program.

BAA Qualifications

Interior Studies AA degree seeking students may choose to join the BAA Interior Design program while taking INDES 171 Studio I. Information and an application[RR1]  for the BAA program is provided during the INDES 171 Studio 1 class, or students may also contact the program office to obtain information about applying to the BAA program. By choosing the BAA degree option, students may benefit in the following ways:

  • Financial  aid students may receive funding for  100-400 level courses without having first completed the AA degree program. Financial aid students who are not admitted to the BAA program are limited to taking only 100 – 200 level courses.
  •  International students benefit in the same way as financial aid students in that they can take 100 – 400 level courses without having first completed the AA degree. International students must obtain permission from an advisor in the International Educational office prior to changing their degree program from the AA degree to the BAA degree.
  •  Students who join the BAA program have greater flexibility in taking upper division courses and may accelerate degree completion.
  •  Students who complete the lower division coursework primarily at Bellevue College, are awarded the AA degree at the time they are awarded the BAA degree. Students may also choose to apply for the AA degree at the time they demonstrate completion of all AA degree requirements.

AA Interior Studies students may choose to defer a decision to join the BAA program. Students should talk with their faculty advisor if they wish to join the BAA program at a later date. It is perfectly acceptable to remain  in the AA Interior Studies program through completion of that degree. Once completed, students may choose to pursue other career or degree options, or they may apply to join the upper-division studio sequence and complete their BAA in Interior Design.

NOTE: Applicants may apply before completion of these requirements but must submit a final transcript showing completion of the requirements no later than 1 week prior to the beginning of their first quarter in the Bachelor of Applied Arts in Interior Design program.


Last Updated February 27, 2024