International Advising & Engagement

International Education (IE) Advisors:

The International Education (IE) and Global Initiatives division has advisors just for international students.  IE Advisors will provide information to make a successful academic plan.  IE Advisors also have specific knowledge related to F-1 immigration rules and regulations and can specifically help you with the following:

  • immigration rules and regulations
  • cultural and life adjustment issues
  • the U.S. education system
  • the U.S. health care / medical system and insurance

To make an appointment with an IE Advisor, please locate your advisor below and contact them directly: 

Advisor Aidrien Wilkins

Aidrien Wilkins
International Student Advisor
Advising College & ELI Students with Last Names starting with letter “A-B, M-R
Phone: (425) 564-6205 Make Appointment with Aidrien

Advisor Heather Woods

Heather Woods
International Student Advisor
Advising Fall Quarter IBP Students and Students in College & ELI with Last Names starting with letter “C-K
Phone: (425) 564-2695 Make Appointment with Heather

Angela Leung's photo

Angela Leung
International Student Advisor
Advising Spring Quarter IBP Students and Students in College & ELI with Last Names starting with letter “L, S-Z
Phone: (425) 564-3074 Make Appointment with Angela

Kathryn Pappas' Photo

Kathryn Pappas
Assistant Director of Admissions and International High School Completion
Advising all International High School Completion Students
Phone: (425) 564-3221 Make an Appointment with Katie

Major / Department Advisors

Major or Department Advisors typically help students to understand specific information about their major or program, including:

  • Class planning and proper course selection
  • Educational and career exploration
  • University transfer admission and major department requirements
  • BC degree and certificate requirements

The Academic Advising Office is located on the first floor of the U Building. For more information about Academic Advising click here: Meet an Academic Advisor

Last Updated May 8, 2024