International Education (IE) Advisors

The International Education (IE) and Global Initiatives has advisors just for international students.  IE Advisors will provide information to make a successful academic plan.  IE Advisors also have specific knowledge related to F-1 immigration rules and regulations and can specifically help you with the following:

  • immigration rules and regulations
  • cultural and life adjustment issues
  • the U.S. education system
  • the U.S. health care / medical system and insurance

To make an appointment with an IE Advisor, please call the front desk at (425) 564-3185 or locate your advisor below and contact them directly: 


Angela Leung's Portrait

Angela Leung

International Student Advisor –
 Advising College Students with Last Names starting with letters “M” through “Z”

Carla Honkanen photo

Carla Honkanen

International Student Advisor –
Advising College Students with Last Name starting with letters “A” through “K”


Brad Huggins PhotoBradley Huggins

Assistant Director of International Advising and Support

Advising All College Level Students with Last Name ending in “L”



Heather Woods' Photo

Heather Woods

International Student Advisor –
Advising All English Language Institute (University Prep) Students

Major / Department Advisors

Major or Department Advisors typically help students to understand specific information about their major or program, including:

  • class planning and proper course selection
  • educational and career exploration
  • university transfer admission and major department requirements
  • BC degree and certificate requirements

The Academic Advising Office is located on the second floor of the B Building. For more information about Academic Advising click here: Meet an Academic Advisor

Last Updated August 12, 2019