Hands-On Research

In the Molecular Sciences Technician AAS-T program, students who are particularly interested in research are encouraged to take CHEM 272 Undergraduate Research in Chemistry as an elective.

CHEM 272: Undergraduate Research In Chemistry – 6 credits

In the Molecular Biosciences BAS program, students spend their final year working on their capstone project from proposal to completion in MBS 480, MBS 481, and MBS 482.

MBS 480: Senior Capstone Proposal – 1 credits

MBS 481: Senior Capstone Project I – 4 credits

MBS 482: Senior Capstone Project II – 5 credits


MBS students use the model organism C.elegans for conducting research in the labs. For some basic information about this organism, check out the following video posted by Sci-Inspi to YouTube on May 13, 2019.

Last Updated October 6, 2020