Molecular Sciences Technician AAS-T

Photos of microscope, hands preparing agar plates, and hand pointing at molecular structure data on computer screen; all things a laboratory technician may maintain, prepare, or do in their jobs.

This two-year AAS-T degree offers a professionally relevant curriculum that helps students build skills for laboratory technician positions in a variety of environments, including bioscience research labs and chemical research labs. Typical job titles include research associate I, biological technician, chemical technician and laboratory technician.

The Molecular Science Technician is an entry-level position that conducts routine laboratory work, assists staff and supports the overall function of a laboratory. Their duties might include, planning, setting up and undertaking controlled experiments and trials, recording and analyzing data, demonstrating procedures, collecting, preparing and/or testing samples, maintaining equipment, writing reports, reviews and summaries, presenting results to senior staff, supervising staff and keeping up-to-date with relevant scientific and technical developments.

Individuals who complete the program, wishing to continue to a baccalaureate degree, should be well prepared for the Bachelor of Applied Science in Molecular Biosciences at Bellevue College.

Degree Information & Requirements

The Molecular Sciences Technician AAS-T degree is an open-access, non-selective admissions program. There are no formal requirements to enter the program other than applying for general admission to Bellevue College, though some courses have prerequisite requirements that students must meet in order to register for them. Review the class schedule online to identify any special requirements for specific class enrollments.

Advising for the Molecular Sciences Technician AAS-T program can be done through Academic Advising, or by requesting assistance from the Molecular Biosciences program via email at

The official Program of Study for the Molecular Sciences Technician AAS-T degree is updated every catalog year starting in summer quarter. Students follow the degree according to the catalog year in which they enter the program, though they may choose to complete the requirements for a later catalog year. It’s a good idea to print and save a copy of the program of study for the year in which you started for your personal reference.

This is a sample schedule only and not to be used as an education plan unless created and signed by an advisor. Education plans are tailored to fit each student’s needs with their success in mind. Please schedule an appointment with an advisor to create the best education plan for your needs.

Tuition and fee rates are published annually on the Bellevue College website. Please note there are different rates depending on the course level (100-200 level for the MST AAS-T degree) and your Washington residency status.

Frequently Asked Questions

This degree prepares graduates for entry-level positions such as laboratory technicians, chemical technicians and biological technicians.

This depends on many factors such as the job market where you live and your experience level. A sample search online for “laboratory technician” showed positions with estimated wages starting at about $15/hour.

Yes, please meet with an advisor to create your individualized education plan.

Yes, you will get hands-on research experience in courses such as BIOL 275 and CHEM 275. If you are particularly interested in research, CHEM 272 is a great course to take as an elective.

Last Updated December 27, 2023