Helping people live healthier lives

Bellevue College is dedicated to the health and wellness of our staff, faculty, students, and the community at large. We offer programs that educate and train health and wellness professionals to work in a wide variety of professions such as outdoor recreation, community health, yoga instruction, and personal fitness training. Our programs prepare students for entry into their field while also giving them options to continue onto advanced degrees here on our campus or at other institutions. Learn more about our educational programs…

We further support the health and wellness of our campus through our Wellness Center which embraces all that our community, environment and natural surroundings have to offer. This pursuit hopes to enrich the emotional, environmental, occupational, spiritual, intellectual, social and physical well-being of students, staff, faculty and the community at large. The Center’s activities strive to focus on providing leadership, planning, opportunity, and education in pursuit of healthier lives. Learn more about our Wellness and Fitness Center

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