Our Mission

Bellevue College Health & Physical Education aims to educate and empower students to adopt life-long healthy behaviors and physical activity. 

What We Offer

Health Education Courses

  • Offer courses including education on all dimensions of health (mental, emotional, physical, social) to improve quality of life in our diverse student population.
  • Provide support on goal setting and behavior change to improve health.   
Students  listening to instructor

Students working out on treadmills

Physical Education Courses

  • Teach students direct and applicable methods of establishing confidence to be physically active for a lifetime. 
  • Provide students with academic and sequential curriculum based on National Standards for physical education. 

Physical Activity Courses

  • Apply knowledge gained from physical education courses and empower students to take ownership over their activity goals. 
  • Expose students to new and diverse physical activity opportunities. 


Yoga Instructor Certificate
Yoga Instructor Certificate
Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate
Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate
Outdoor Recreation Leadership Certificate
Outdoor Recreation Leadership Certificate