Personal Fitness Trainer

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The Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate is designed to prepare students for a variety of fields in the Health and Wellness Industry.

Upon completion of the 26 credit program students may elect to enter the workforce as a Fitness Trainer or go on to pursue a two or four-year degree in Recreation, Health, Sports Medicine, Exercise Science, or a Teacher Certification program. The 26 credit curriculum prepares students to test for a Personal Training certification from a national organization such as ACSM, NSCA, ACE, or NASM.

Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate Info & Requirements

The PFT certificate is a high quality program that has directly impacted my ability to think critically about human development, healthy lifestyles, and muscle imbalances. The program has a cohort feel and professors make all courses apply to real life

-Jason, PFT Graduate

Who is this certificate for?

  • Those who are interested in human movement, fitness, or physical activity
  • Students passionate about promoting safe and effective methods of exercise and/or physical activity
  • Completing the Health & Wellness, BAS degree at Bellevue College
  • Those looking to transfer to a 4 year exercise science, pre-physical therapy, or athletic training degree
  • Students looking to enroll in a Wa State Kinesiology program 
  • Work as a personal trainer while completing your two or 4 year degree!

Where do Fitness Trainers work?

  • Commercial Fitness Clubs
  • Personal Training Studios
  • Community centers
  • Wellness centers
  • Corporate Health Centers
  • Physical education instructor
  • University/College Recreation Centers

Recommended Course Sequence

  • The courses within the certificate take place over three quarters ( Fall, Winter, and Spring)
  • This certificate has a rolling admissions cycle which means students can apply to start the certificate in any quarter (Fall, Winter, and Spring). However, it is recommended that students apply to start in Fall quarter so they can take the courses in the recommended sequence below.
  • Courses are generally only offered once per year and some may need to be taken in a specific sequence.
  • It is recommended that PE 236: Anatomical Kinesiology be taken before PE 267: Applied Kinesiology.
  • PE 228: Personal Fitness Training Internship should be taken in your last quarter after all Fall and Winter courses have been completed.
PE 172: Physical Activity & Public Health - 3 creditsPE 173: Motor Learning & Assessment - 3 creditsPE 228: Personal Fitness Training Internship - 2 credits
PE 211: Fitness Assessment - 2 creditsPE 212: Athletic Fitness - 1 creditHLTH 224: Wellness Coaching - 2 credits
PE 236: Anatomical Kinesiology - 4 credits
PE 267: Applied Kinesiology - 4 credits
HLTH 262: First Aid and Safety for Fitness Trainers - 5 credits

How to Apply

Apply Now

Bellevue College’s Personal Fitness Trainer program is an open-enrollment admissions program. All students must still apply to Bellevue College and complete the online Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT) application, this will allow program staff and faculty to better support your PFT journey. Please note, by completing the online Personal Fitness Trainer application, you are applying to the PFT program only. 

Last Updated March 15, 2024