XR Lab Capstone Projects – Spring 2022


During the spring of 2022 the Bellevue College XR Lab supported different students that were working on their capstone projects, like:

Bangladesh Open Market

Team: Honour Betcher, Brandon Reeves, Hannah Hill, Carson Warden, Jonah Warnock, and Tori Berger.

In this project Bellevue professor Dr. Miranda Kato worked as a client for a group of Digital Media Arts students to build a walk-through 3D simulation of a Bangladesh marketplace for her Global Health Management course.

The marketplace is designed to highlight various cultural characteristics of Bangladesh society as it relates to health issues in that country.

Consumer Simulator team

Team: Ivy Tran (Product Owner), Tiffany Cole (Scrum Master), Angelique Refahiyat (Developer), and Valentina Machalina (Developer)

Accessibility-focused shopping experience where people could use a single controller to navigate around a grocery store to purchase food and other items.

The concept is that someone wouldn’t need to go out to the store to purchase what they would want and that they could have the shopping experience by putting on a VR headset, making their purchases, and having the food delivered.

Ghost Hands

Ghost hand demonstration.
Team: Darren Ross (Scrum Master), Amber Dulz (Project Owner), Carl Nelson (Development), Alejandra Valencia (Development), Xianxian Wang (Business Intelligence), Sophie Conroy (Business Intelligence), Honour Betcher (Artist), and Alexandria Bechman (Artist)

This project used Oculus Quest hand tracking to create an ASL teaching tool that would help people learn sign language in a fun tropical island environment with pirates and treasure.

Due to the current limitations of hand tracking, not all of the letters of the alphabet can be captured and recognized, but with further improvements to the hand tracking technology ASL this team proved that learning ASL in VR will be capable and fun.

Magic VR Bus project

Public transportation in VR project
Team: Ken Evans (Product Owner), Travis Simmers (Scrum Master), Andrew Lawson (Development Team), Mak Alnouri (Development Team), and Avalon Haley (BI Development)

This project focused on wheelchair use with public transportation in VR. The result is a VR wheelchair simulator where the user would board a public transit bus in order to get to the library so that they could send in their ballot to vote. They created a stylized experience with immersive audio and added gameplay elements to make the trip to the library fun and engaging.

SkiSimulator 9000

Snow and skiing adventure
Team: Khang Tran (Product Owner), James McElroy (Project Manager), Conner Hofheins(Development Team), Brandon Thompson (Development Team), Adam Randall (Development Team), Jose Mendoza (Artist), Brendan Doan (Artist), Ashley Wilkerson (Artist)

This is an accessibility-focused VR ski adventure experience. Utilizing gazed-based controls and movement, the user would not need to use a controller to navigate around the environment and with limited head movement would be able to explore the environment while skiing.They used their own low poly stylized approach for the visuals and custom-built audio solutions to create an engaging and immersive experience.

Last Updated February 17, 2023