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Location: D126 in the library

Staff and Faculty

Bruce Wolcott

Bruce Wolcott Picture

XR Faculty Lead/ Instructional Designer/ Technologist

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  • Office Location: D140


I’ve been a faculty member at Bellevue College since 1998, and have had the good fortune of teaching media theory topics that strongly interest me; History of Animation, Game Culture & Interactive Worlds, Writing for the Web, Visual Storytelling and Canvas 101. Before coming to Bellevue College I was a media production coordinator for the …more about Bruce Wolcott

Drew Stone

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XR Lab Coordinator

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  • Office Location: D150B


Drew Stone joins Bellevue College as its first XR Lab Coordinator with years of experience in VR event production in both physical and digital realms. With backgrounds in active collaborative gaming, filmmaking, visual & performance arts, instructional design, VR event production and consulting, Drew offers a wealth of experience to help channel the productive use of National Science Foundation grants to unify students, faculty, community, and industry into meaningful collaborative initiatives.

Ron Austin

Ron Austin, Digital Learning Manager.

Digital Learning Manager

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  • Office Location: Room D126


I work with Interactive eLearning and I manage the XR Lab with Drew Stone and Bruce Wolcott. My current emphasis with the XR Lab is to help establish the NWXR EDU Network which is a project  supported by The National Science Foundation (2023-2026). I also facilitate online training workshops for faculty, assist with online course development, and Canvas administration.

 …more about Ron Austin

Larry Boykin

Larry Boykin Media Tech Senior

Multimedia Technician Senior

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  • Office Location: D150A


Larry started working at Bellevue College in the Library Media Center in 1983 as a work-study student assisting with the audio-visual delivery. In 1987, Larry was hired part-time working off-site at the Bellevue College Continuing Education location. In 1989, Larry started working full-time with the Media Center, first as the Media Dispatcher to now Media Technician Lead. In …more about Larry Boykin

David Wikstrom

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XR Senior Lab Assistant / VR Application Developer

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  • Office Location: Room D126M


David is an ex-Air Force Electrical and Environmental Systems Specialist who earned his Bachelor’s in Application Development at Bellevue College. He is now a Lead Developer with MXTReality and continues to work part time with the XR Lab.

“I’ve always been interested in Virtual Reality, but the thing that really sold me on pursuing a career in VR application development is VRET (Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy) and its effectiveness in treating PTSD. I believe XR technologies are important technologies that will change the landscape of education and healthcare in the future.”

Student Employees

Berke Can

Berke Can

XR Lab Student Assistant

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  • Office Location: Room D126M


Current Bellevue College Computer Science Student. I am an International student from Turkey. I am now pursuing an Associate degree in Computer Science at this college.

Jon Thaler

Jon Thaler

XR Lab Student Assistant

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  • Office Location: Room D126M


I’m currently a Bellevue College student working at the XR Lab. I am working towards a transferable degree so that I can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in secondary education. I believe XR technologies, including virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, will play a greater role in education in the future. I also set up the podcast studio for the XR Lab and am a consistent co-host of the XR Lab Podcast.

Aung Thaung


XR Lab Student Assistant

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  • Office Location: Room D126M


Current Bellevue College Computer Science Student. I am an International student from Myanmar. I am now pursuing an Associate degree in Computer Science at this college. I believe that XR technologies will change and opens up possibilities for education, meeting, and healthcare.

Vallon Bosango

Vallong Bosango self portrait

XR Lab Student Assistant

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  • Office Location: Room D126M


I am an international student from Congo, currently pursuing my associate degree in computer science at Bellevue College.  Working as a French and Math tutor at the Academic Success Center has given me the invaluable opportunity to closely interact with people from various backgrounds. As I embark on my journey in the XR lab, I am deeply excited about exploring the infinite potential of the XR technology and contributing to solving real-world problems.

Interactive eLearning and Division Partners

Sukirti Ranade

Sukirti Ranade, Director of eLearning and Multimedia

Director of Interactive eLearning
More about Sukirti

Elizabeth Zahrt Geib

Elizabeth Zahrt Geib, Associate Director of Instructional Deisgn

Associate Director, Instructional Design
More about Betsy

Raji Sundar

Raji Sundar Instructional Designer and Faculty

Instructional Designer/ Faculty
More about Raji

Christa Jech

Christa Jech, Outside hiking

Administrative Assistant
More about Christa

Michelle Schewe

Michelle Schewe, Faculty Librarian

OER Librarian, A&H Liaison
More about Michelle

Elena Maans-Lorincz

Elena Maans-Lorincz on video call

Outreach Librarian, Science
More about Elena

James Riggall

James Riggall, Visiting Scholoar to Bellevue College

Visiting Scholar

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  • Office Location: D126M


James Riggall is an entrepreneur and academic who is based in Tasmania, Australia. In addition to his work in Tasmania, James was one of the founding members of the BC XR Lab, and he travels to the United States each year to teach extended reality (virtual and augmented reality) technology with the College.

More about James

Industry Partners

The XR Lab is grateful to collaborate with MXTreality, Tosolini Productions, and other innovative technology companies in the Northwest.

Paolo Tosolini

Paolo Tosolini, Tosolini Productions Founder and Director of Innovation

Tosolini Productions
Tosolini Founder & Director of Innovation

María Sánchez

Maria Sacnez, XR Specialist

Tosolini Productions
XR Specialist

Jeff Rayner

Jeff Rayner, MXTreality Founder and CEO

MXTreality Founder and CEO

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