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Multi-Disciplinary Use of Virtual Reality Technologies

XR technologies can be used in conjunction with a variety of academic disciplines. Examples of Bellevue College academic disciplines that have used the XR Lab facility in the past include: History, Communications, Math, Psychology, Interior Design, Art & Architecture, English Language Institute, Business, Health Sciences, Chinese Language, Astronomy, Health & Wellness, and more.

If you are interested in collaborating with the XR Lab then please contact us at xrlab@bellevuecollege.edu.

Bellevue College Student Projects

How BC Students Use the XR Lab

An important goal of the XR Lab is to help students learn more about XR technologies and to get that technology into the hands of students.

In past on-campus events, the XR Lab has been involved in hosting the VR Club and running events so that students can try out VR programs, learn about coding their own VR applications, and hear from professionals in the industry. The XR Lab also took part in CodeDay for two consecutive years, making it possible for participants to create VR games.

Notably, the XR Lab also created the CMST 116 course, where students can learn about design and communication in the context of virtual reality.


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Bellevue College Faculty Projects

How BC Faculty Use the XR Lab

Since Fall Quarter 2017, when the XR Lab was created in the Bellevue College Library, we have been connecting with faculty from all across campus who are interested in discovering applications and methods for using virtual reality technology in their classes.

This is a collaborative process, where BC faculty try out a variety of virtual reality simulations in consultation with XR Lab staff, and then integrate those experiences within their courses to provide memorable forms of immersive learning.

Interior Design and XR Lab collaboration

Additional Recent Projects

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