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The National Science Foundation has awarded Bellevue College and The XR Lab a significant grant to create The Northwest XR EDU Network (NWXR EDU). This network launched in October, 2023.


NWXR EDU is a resource network for educators in the Pacific Northwest and beyond to learn about and create virtual, augmented, and mixed reality tools for teaching and learning. Membership in the network is now open to all educators and XR professionals.

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Read the National Science Foundation, Northwest OER Initiative grant abstract.

Renee Nejo, Chair DMA

Bruce Wolcott, XR Faculty Lead

Ron Austin, Digital Learning Manager

James Riggall, XR Lab Visiting Scholar

Brandon Leuken, Bellevue College Grant Director

Amy Kinsel, Dean of Connected Learning

Liz Hollerman, Dean of Business Tech

David Wikstrom, XR Lab Coordinator

Michelle Schewe, Librarian (OER)

Raji Sundar, Instructional Designer

Sukiriti Ranade, eLearning Director

Larry Boykin, Multi-media Technician Senior

Elizabeth Zahrt Geib, Associate Director of Instructional Design

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