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Project Stipend Opportunities

Welcome to the NW XR EDU Network Project Stipend Information Page, a project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). This initiative is designed to empower higher education faculty, staff, and librarians to integrate Extended Reality (XR) technologies into their teaching and learning environments.
Application deadline: Keep an eye on this page for the next cycle, expected to open in the Fall quarter of 2024.


Join our Faculty Learning Cohort (FLC) program and apply for a stipend to explore the application of XR technologies within your institution. This program is dedicated to advancing teaching and learning through emerging spatial computing technologies, while building a community of individuals interested in technology enhanced educational experiences.

Cycle 1 Update

We received an astounding 29 applications for consideration; greatly exceeded our expectations for the first cycle of faculty stipend micro-grants for developing OER resources that relate to XR!
Our committee carefully reviewed each application, and we are in the process of reaching out to thank all who applied and outline next steps for those who will be in our inaugural cohort of funding to make the process as smooth and easy as possible.

The application page is now closed, yet we will be re-opening for our Cycle 2 applications in the Fall of 2024, so please keep refining your project ideas, and be ready to spread the word to your fellow educators.

The OER Commons has listed a useful guide to OER outcomes: Material Types* : OER Commons Help Center

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Project Scope

We invite proposals that aren’t confined to building virtual environments. Consideration will also be given to initiatives such as:

  • Development of new XR-based curricula.
  • Integration of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies into existing courses.
  • Establishment or enhancement of XR facilities and programs.
  • Creation of immersive virtual world teaching experiences.
  • Application of existing XR tools to improve teaching methodologies.
  • Utilization of AI as it applies to XR technologies.
  • Other innovative XR-themed educational projects.

Key Details

  • Duration: Projects can last up to 10 months.
  • Stipend: Eligible FLC project hosts may receive up to $1,000.
  • Student Participation: Strongly encouraged, though direct stipend payments to students are not supported by the grant. Exceptions may apply for graduate student instructors. – Expression of Interest: Complete the Application Form.
  • Deadline: Submit your proposals by April 30, 2024.

Upon submission, you will receive confirmation, and your proposal will be considered for this year’s funding cycle. The NW XR EDU steering committee will review entries, and announcements regarding awards will follow shortly after the deadline.

For additional details, please contact Bruce Wolcott: bwolcott@bellevuecollege.edu

About the NW XR EDU Network

The NW XR EDU Initiative aims to establish a regional hub for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality education. Focused on higher education institutions, particularly community and technical colleges in the NW XR EDU region, the initiative seeks to broaden access to XR technologies, enhance instructional quality, and prepare students for the growing industry demands in XR fields.

Northwest XR EDU

Last Updated May 29, 2024